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wTuesday, February 24, 2004

Windy, windy
Steffi WahlThe last 7 days were incredibly windy!!! The South-Easter was blowing and blowing - night and day with 35 - 50 knots. Most of the times it was too windy at Sunset Beach, so we decided to go sailing in Melkbos all the time. It was great fun, even 4.0 was sometimes overpowered..... thats my smallest sail. Last year I bought a 3.5 sqm especially for South Africa but I never used it. This year I saved money and now it would be good to have one...anyway... I still survived with 4.0. SW

Melkbos is not that good for video shooting (with our video camera) because the waves for jumping and waveriding are too fare outside. Thats why I couldnt present pictures the last days. A friend of us (many thanks to Jan from has a waterproof video cam and we did some pics near the beach.

Now the wind is gone for 2 days ...
I will keep you updated!
Steffi Wahl

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wMonday, February 23, 2004

Junko Nagoshi-Buzianis

Japanese ripper Junko - not only good in Waves but also in Freestyle and Slalom.
You can see her sailing on Maui where she lives and she is definitely going to compete in the upcoming Hookipa event.

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wSunday, February 22, 2004

Paula Daian

Paula is not only showing off on the water windsurfing
but also as a model!

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Anne's Pix

This time it's Anne Stevens providing us with her action shots from the cape... (photos by Karin Dornbusch):


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wSunday, February 15, 2004

Hiking on the Cape Peninsula!

SteffiThe last two days was no wind - today there was a light westerly wind, maybe enough for freestyling, but I decided to discover the area a bit.
I went to Chapmans Peak Drive: the famous road between Hout Bay and Nordhoek which was closed for the last 3 years because of "mountain and road maintenance". Now they re-opened it and we went there to hike to the top: the Chapmans Peak.

Chapmans Peak DriveIf you follow the Chapmans Peak Drive towards Nordhoek there is a parking bay on the right hand side. You can park there and follow the sign " Chapmans Peak walk". The hike takes about 1,5 and the view from the top is absolutely stunning: you can see the Cape Peninsula (Cape Point National Park), False Bay with the Indian Ozean, the long Beach of Nordhoek (Long Beach) and Hout Bay.

After that you can drive to Nordhoek and enjoy a "Sundowner Drink" in the Red Herring, a nice place with views of long beach and the breaking waves.

Tomorrow the wind might be back!!!

Enjoy the new week! Steffi Wahl

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wThursday, February 12, 2004

Black South Africa

Steffi Wahl Yesterday there was a so called "Black South Easter"! A "Black South Easter" comes with grey sky and a lot of clouds. It is not that warm as usual and the best thing about it is that a lot of the windsurfers stay at home.

I dont know why, but I can imagine that they dont want to go sailing without 30 degrees C and sunshine...STRANGE! Anyway, its good because there is a lot of space on the water!

Today the wind is blowing again and I hope I can present some new pics this evening! Stay tuned and enjoy whereever you are!

Steffi Wahl

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wMonday, February 09, 2004

South Africa News

Steffi CutbackfrontloopCape Town is brilliant this time: I arrived in South Africa 10 days ago and I sailed 9 out of 10 days. Incredible!!

The waves are always there: sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller... but every day good for practising. Yesterday I sailed at Sunset Beacht with 4.5 sqm and the little Moreno Board. Its the way.

It was much fun and a lot of girls where on the water.

A friend of mine, Christian, injured his foot while jumping and we went to hospital. He was really lucky because nothing has broken. My windsurfing day was finished because of this incident, but anyway, it was a perfect surfing session and I was able to make a photo of this beautiful sunset....

SunsetI will report in the next 7 weeks ... so keep on visiting the windgirls website!

Hugs from South Africa!

Steffi Wahl

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