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wSunday, June 28, 2009

Winner to Wavesailor DVD

Lars Petersen is proud to announce, that "our eagerly anticipated and last film in Feed Your Soul Instructional Trilogy is finally complete! The name is WINNER TO WAVESAILOR. Our aim has been clear: To create a wave sailing instructional masterpiece!"


Lars: "Winner to Wavesailor is the most comprehensive wavesailing instructional DVD ever produced. Its aim is to guide people to be the best wavesailors they can be. From first day getting out in the waves to first loops, from down the line in cross off perfection to making the most of cross on waves, this movie has it all. Rotations are covered both backwards and forwards right up to doubles.
Forward loops, back loops, push loops and more are covered in depth and from all angles, with special live coaching sections by our instructional Guru Jem Hall. The red-hot action demos are by the JP/ Pryde international team including Kauli Seadi and Jason Polakow in footage from Brazil, Chile, Maui and Europe."

The DVD will be going out to the shops around mid July. Watch the trailer here! (24 MB!)

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wTuesday, June 23, 2009

PWA Costa Brava

Valerie Ghibaudo and Antoine Albeau are crowned as the 2009 Costa Brava Champions, both taking decisive wins to establish their positions at the top of the PWA Slalom World Tour. Round 3 of the PWA World Tour Slalom took place in the beautiful Costa Brava region of Catalunya, Spain.

Race 1
The standard of the womens fleet has risen dramatically and this event saw 16 competitors of the highest level. Even more impressive is the amount of youth in the fleet showing how promising the future looks for womens racing. First round standout was Alice Arutkin (Starboard/North Sails). She blasted into 1st place ahead of World Champion Karin Jaggi (F2/Severne). At just 17 years old she is definitely a hot tip for the future. Unfortunately for her a timing mistake in the final meant she eventually finished 6th.

The losers final was won by fired up French woman Morane Demont (Starboard/Severne). Demont had an over-early in the first round, but made no mistakes in the losers final. Celebrating her 16th birthday midweek, she is surely another high hope for the future. Cagla Kubat (Starboard/North Sails) looked very comfortable on the water and took 2nd. A winter in Maui, training with Jimmy Diaz, was clearly paying off. In 3rd position young Turkish hope Lena Erdil (Starboard/The Loft) was fuming. She had been leading an earlier heat when it was cancelled and in the re-run things did not go the same way. Sometimes racing can be very cruel.

The final was a more traditional affair with Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou/The Loft) and Karin Jaggi both fighting it out for the top spot. A minor starting error from Karin opened the door for Valerie and she made no mistake taking advantage dominating the race from start to finish. In 3rd place was a surprised Marta Hlavaty (Starboard/MauiSails). More at home on the Olympic RSX board, she used her light wind skills to work through the lulls and move into the final podium position.

Race 2
On standby for much of the afternoon, Womens heat one hit the water between the two mens semi finals. In an almost identical repeat of the Race one results, Alice Arutkin shot into the lead off the start, leaving Karin Jaggi trailing hot on her heals. The young French girl extended her lead in the light breeze, winning the heat comfortably. Karin cruised into second and Marta Hlavaty continued her consistent performance in third. Taking the final qualifying spot was Fanny Aubet (JP/NeilPryde) who held off a strong challenge from the flying Turk Lena Erdil.

After some days of waiting Valerie Ghibaudo and Antoine Albeau took the Costa Brava Champions title, both celebrating back-to-back victories and cementing their positions at the top of the ranking. When asked how she felt, the answer was typical of the French speed queen. Valerie Ghibaudo: "appy, appy, appy. It is my second win and puts me in a very good position for the overall tour. Last year I did really badly in Costa Brava, so it is nice to come back this year and win." (text & photo: PWA)
video reports here!

1st Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou/The Loft)
2nd Karin Jaggi (F2/Severne)
3rd Marta Hlavaty (Starboard/MauiSails)
4th Sarah Hebert (Starboard/Naish)
5th Lise Vidal (Exocet/North Sails)

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wFriday, June 19, 2009

Girls Camp Rhodes!

Laure Treboux reports about her recent girls camp in Greece.

Report & photos here!

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wFriday, June 12, 2009

New Yoli Video!

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