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wMonday, February 26, 2007

Websites of the Pros

...some websites of pro riders you might not know yet:

Astrid Muldoon: (PWA freestyle)
Femke van der Valk:
(Dutch wave champion 2006)
Sarah Hebert: (European Formula champion)

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wSunday, February 25, 2007

Young Gun Camp

(press release) Supported by JP-Australia, the Procenter Christof Kirschner in Prasonisi/RhodosGreece will hold a Young Gun Camp from 29 July to 5 August 2007. The worlds best JP team riders and windsurf coaches will take care of you 24 hours a day in order to teach you all the tricks on the water. Your windsurfing skills will improve and so will your English. In the evenings we will watch the latest windsurfing videos, make campfires on the beach and organize trips to other places.

If you know how to play the guitar or any other instrument feel free to bring it along and to entertain on the beach. Lights out will be between 22:00 and 24:00 depending on the age of participants. At the end of the camp we will organize a fun competition. Freestyle moves of all kind, elegant crashes, radical wipe-outs and best mimics will be assessed by our judges and the winner will get a brand-new JP board and a Neil Pryde rig. For more and detailed information you can download the "event guide" from

Team Riders: Ricardo Campello, Normen Guenzlein
Coach: Steve Chismar, Manuel Vogel, Jonas Holzhausen
No. of participants: 40 persons maximum
Fun Competition: 1st prize: 1 board by JP and 1 NP rig
Requirements: Waterstart (both directions), planing (in footstraps)
Cost: Camp only (participation fee, kit storage, transfer) 250,- euros

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wThursday, February 22, 2007

France: CHICKSPOWER, Sarah Hebert

"Contrary to what one might think, CHICKS POWER stays alive. The French girls magazine of action sports, is even pushing things forward, by creating a new formula, and enjoying happiness of being independent. Breaking news : it is soon not going to be needed to hit your newspaper salesmen with a boot to obtain your magazine.

From now on, CHICKS POWER will be available in shops for free. A change in the distribution mode, but the team stays the same, and the philosophy of the magazine as well, since we are now in charge of the business. CHICKS POWER will be available in its web of action sports shops in France and through the internet, with the possibility to download some pdf pages from the server. In order to keep in touch with our readers and contributors, the next issue will be available in two months."

"Sarah Hebert, Formula European champion and member of the Centre Haut Niveau Funboard, joins the Team Ocean, the racing team of Yvan Bourgnon.

This team includes 7 boats of which the Brossard trimaran, a Figaro, one mini, two Formula 18, a 49er and from now a windsurfer!

Team Ocean propose with the skippers an infrastructure and sponsors who will allow them to achieve their goals. And more, it proposes with the skippers to be initiated with other boat."

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wTuesday, February 20, 2007

Moreno Twins Girls Training Camp, april 29 - may 6 2007

"Thanks to the support from Roxy and Caja Canarias, once again girls from all over the world will be able to enjoy the Training Camp organized by the Moreno Twins at El Medano, Tenerife April 29 through May 6. As a prelude to the tough summer of competitions ahead, the Twins have decided to start the season off right by attracting more girls to the world of windsurfing. A maximum of 40 girls from all over the world will make this event a great attraction."
Iballa Ruano: "We hope to see many new faces, and from here, to encourage the girls from the Canaries who have the minimum level required, to enroll in the camp. It will be very fun!" Daida Ruano: "Last year's camp in Tenerife was very successful. This year it will not be any less. We will see many girls from different nationalities and we expect to get good conditions to accompany the camp."
Download the entry form here!

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wSaturday, February 17, 2007

Dalia & Giorgia, Rest in Peace

"She came to breathe the wind of life, and ended up breathing the wind of death." Two Italian "windgirls" have been brutishly murdered on the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

Find the whole story in our news section.

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wFriday, February 16, 2007

Pro Kids Freestyle schedule & DVD

Bonaire press release: The wind is up in Bonaire and local kids are training hard to create new moves. Soon the island will once again host one of the biggest kids freestyle events in the world. ... Since a small group of local volunteers had put on the first Pro Kids Freestyle Worlds in 2005, Bonaire boasts one of the best settings to learn with shallow gin clear water and on shore winds. That year over 50 kids competed for the coveted title of Pro Kid. 2006 eclipsed the event with over 100 kids competing. ...

The events focus is to bring the kids together in a positive setting to promote comraderie, team spirit and of course freestyle action. Along with the competition the event features local music, dance shows, food and revelry. The special feature is the Baby Kid Event where kids ages 2 and up, some still in diapers show off their stuff under the watchful eyes of their coaches. Vacationers and spectators are always treated to a wonderful week of fun. This years event is slated for Aug. 1-5 where over 150 kids are expected to compete.

To see the action check out world reknowned film producer Dashers DVD. To order this sensational DVD or to learn more about the event click on . For more event or travel information contact Ann Phelan, the Official Travel Agent for Pro Kids at

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wThursday, February 15, 2007

"Drugs and crime in the Caribbean"

Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen has been in the Caribbean for two months. Now in Venezuela, she tells of high speed powerboats, unlight at night (and heading towards the island of Margarita, very popular among windsurfers). And she talks about the high crime rate linked to drugs... LISTEN to her report here!

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wTuesday, February 13, 2007

Sail Auckland

Greetings from New Zealand! Sail Auckland ended yesterday after 4 days of racing. The conditions for the regatta were very light for most of the regatta (4-7knots). We had long days; starting off with waiting on the beach for wind and finally getting 3 races off the first day and 4 on the second day. It was really great light air practice as the competition was extremely tough here, including the World Champion, Alessandra Sensini from Italy and Barbara Kendall, multiple Olympic medal winner from New Zealand.
I was really happy with my starts and for the most part my racing as well, but unfortunately I was OCS (over early and disqualified) from my best race in which I placed 4th. Then before the racing on the 3rd day, I tweaked something in my back and although I raced one race that day, I was not fit enough to continue racing in the last 2 days of the regatta. I have since been to the physiotherapist and luckily it's not anything chronic and bad. I feel much better now and will be back on the water in the next day or two. I will continue to train here in Auckland for the next couple of weeks before returning to Vancouver to train early March. Nikola Girke

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wSaturday, February 10, 2007

Training with Sarah Herbert

The dates of the french training team are online - some periods will be open for formula and slalom racers from outside! If you or one of your riders want to train with the team, you can directly contact coach Stephane Krause (

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wMonday, February 05, 2007 among best magazines!

Australian boardsport specialist SHQ Boardsports ( just has published a list of "Best Windsurfing sites on the web".

Once again magazine is honored to be part of such a "best of", as we have been listed as one of only six windsurfing magazines worldwide!!! (among them giants like German SURF or "Boards" from the UK) Check it out here!

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wSunday, February 04, 2007

Un TEAM en Francais...

A new training community and structure directed by Stephane Krause joins together 8 top racers - among them French "windgirl" Sarah Herbert (see pic) - in formula and slalom racing in order to prepare them for the national and international competitions.

Their website,, contains presentations of the team members, news and photos.

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