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wMonday, November 26, 2007

The Lancelin Ocean Classic...

...enters the Guinness Book Of World records in 2008 as the longest running windsurfing race on the planet as 2008 sees the Lancelin Ocean Classic running 23 years straight!

Come along on the: 10 - 13 of January (Waves 10,11 - THE BIG RACE - 12th, slalom 13th) and become part of history!

EVERY year has seen a legendary party go down on the Saturday night - with fireworks, live music and a massive BLAST had by all. There are categories for all levels including juniors, seniors, ladies and amateurs - as well as the world famous professional windsurfers that show up every year for this famous event. And there will be FREE WINDSURFING LESSONS FOR KIDS!

Contact for an entry form.

The 2008 Lancelin Ocean Classic is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and fellow windsurfer - Per Andersson - who loved nothing more than to windsurf at Lancelin. (source: Severne)

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wMonday, November 12, 2007

Barbara Kendall in the ISAF Hall of Fame

On Monday 5 November in Estoril, Portugal, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) announced the first six inductees for the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame. Among them: windsurfing legend Barbara Kendall.

Barbara has won four windsurfing world championships and next year she will compete in her fifth Olympic Games. She has gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals. For 25 years, Barbara Kendall has been a supreme athlete winning extensively in one of the most physical disciplines in sailing. Kendall, who is an International Olympic Committee member, an athlete and a mother of two, is as capable of winning gold in Beijing as she was in Barcelona 25 years ago.
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wSunday, November 04, 2007

Training in Mexico

Hola from Mexico! On October 13th, I left Vancouvers cold and nasty weather behind for a training camp in Mexico! I was invited by the Mexican windsurfer, Demita and her coach Adrien (a French RSX racer). We spent the first week in Cozumel, Demitas home island. I got to see her home and meet her pet bambi - Nella. We were able to rent one of the few houses onthe beach tucked in between 2 hotels, with an almost perfect grass rigging area leading to the beach (only almost perfect as we were attacked by fire-ants and mosquitoes). During this week there were many small storms that came through, giving us a wide variety ofconditions to train in. We worked very hard, spending 3.5 to 5 hoursof quality sailing time on the water each day.

For our second week, we moved locations to Playa del Carmen where Demitas family has a beach house. Once again we had unbelievably great conditions, each day was different so we got to work on many different aspects of our sailing. For most of our training sessions, the 3 of us were sailing together which was extremely valuable. Receiving constant feedback on the water was super and being able to continuously get challenged by both Demita and Adrien kept me working hard. We also did video analysis and I learned a whole new way of gybing - which I am very excited about.

This past weekend we attended a regatta in Tulum, where I became the 2007 Quintana Roo State RSX Champion. We had six races in a variety of conditions and I won the girls title by 4 points to Demita and both of us beat all the guys!!! It was a very interesting regatta venue as there was only about 200 m between the beach and the reef that we could sail in, thus depending on the wind direction, the courses would vary and on an upwind we would have to do at least 5 tacks (normally in windy conditions 1 or 2 is the norm). So, it was great training for all of our manoevers as well!
My trip to Mexico has been both great training and very fascinating!!! Demita was a great host, introducing me to Mexican life and showing me wonderful places in the Mayan Riviera. We went surfing in a place where the roads get closed at night so the turtles can cross the street, we visited Xcaret; a Mayan culture eco-theme park, the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, went snorkeling not only to see the beautiful coral reef and its fish, but we also saw the cannons that the Spanish had shot at the Mayans when they came to conquer Mexico during the 16th century, and while stretching one evening on the beach about 50 newly hatched turtles were making their way to the water for the first time!
Now home for some physical training before I am off to New Zealand on the 16th of November for a few months. I have 6 weeks of training planned leading up to the World Championships in January, which is my Canadian Olympic Team qualifier. Thank you for your support!

Nikola Girke (

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