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wThursday, March 30, 2006


Of course it is thousand times better if you have the chance to spend your winter time in a warm and windy place, but if you are not one of those lucky you can do two things:
1) Wait until the water and the air become a little bit warmer
2) go out and enjoy the beautiful windy winter days

Here in Italy we have had such a nice, and such a cold, winter. I had my first experiences with waves and loved them so much.

I have got a great wave spot that faces on tha Adriatic sea called Termoli in about one hour and a half from my house and the wind has blown for more than a third of winter with some crazy days.

(never used a sail bigger than 4.2 and some days 3.7 was too much!!!) Unfortunately could not be there to get them all (who invented school??).

Wish you a lot of wind

Regards from Italy

Annamaria Zollet

Thanks to my new and first sponsor DROPS for their great boards!!!

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wFriday, March 24, 2006

Kitegabi rocks windy Sal, Cap Verde

photos: Cyrille Albrecht, Thomas Kaiser, Gabi Steindl

For my first trip this year I chose a for me still "new" destination - how exciting!! - and booked myself a ticket to Sal, Cap Verde. I was told, this place was one of the windiest spots at this time of the year and for the first two (out of three) weeks that I have been here now, I can only totally agree on that!

Cap Verde enjoys a very unique flair. A Portuguese colony for a few hundred years, Cap Verde gained its independance in 1975. The countrys political past is partly reflected in todays lifestyle, culture and people, however, with a strong African influence due to a huge number of immigrants mainly from Senegal and Gambia. True "Rastaman-Vibrations" - yeah, rastafaris with dreadlocks that they cultivated for decades ;) everywhere - as well as a "Brasilian touch" - due to the language and geographical closeness of the countries - especially when it comes to partying (!!), make Sal a special place to hang out! I had the pleasure to be there during the "Carnival" ... 4 totally crazy days with the whole island dressing up, people singing and dancing in the streets and lots of Caipirinha - as opposed to the Brasilians and their "Cachaca", the Cap Verdians are using their own local, super strong sugarcane schnapps "Groque" to mix it with lime and ice.

For the three weeks here, I rented a small studio appartment in Santa Maria, on the south shore of Sal, really close to the spot of "Ponto do Lleme Velho", the beach where windsurf wave-worldchamp (2003) Josh Angulo and "Planet Windsurfing" run their centres (windsurfing only!). Only a few minutes from the beach with enough space for me and my equipment, a terrasse where I could do my strength-workout every morning, and a hammock for some crucial chilling ... just perfect ... if there wasnt that huge amount of six-legged uninvited friends who passed by rather frequently...!!? Well, you cant have it all, right .. ? .. so I named my small, sweet home affectionately "Cockroach-Mansion". Yeah I really felt suuuper comfy there in Cockroach-Mansion .. except for the 8 days that I did not have any running water due to a water pump crash ... well once again, you simply cannot have it all!

The first three days of my trip, the wind was strong and I was only riding my beloved 7m2 Rhino6! Then the wind dropped a bit but the weather goods compensated that with some sweet swell. One unforgettably beautiful evening in "Ponta Preta", the world famous wave spot in the west of the island, I could even watch a truly impressive session of Josh Angulo and Levi Siver, who were working on a new video, ripping the double-mast high waves until the sun vanished on the horizon into the Atlantic.

The island of Sal itself is not very spectacular. It is basically just a hill of sand. Except for a few manually planted palmtress around the touristy parts of the villages and one already fairly dried out oasis, there is hardly any vegetation. Sand, wind, and lots and lots of sun that is Sal. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the incredibly yummy and cheap fish!! Super fresh tuna- and barracuda steaks can be found for approx. 5 Euros. Whereas fresh vegetables and fruits are really rather pricey here ... somehow logical, though, as everything needs to be imported (mainly from South Africa) or have you ever seen vegetables and fruits growing in the desert?

I will be here for another 4 days ... tomorrow the strong wind is forcasted to be back!! Yeaaaah, I am looking forward to be rocking with my 7m2 again :o)

Windy, kind regards from Cap Verde,
Yours Kitegabi (Gabi Steindl)

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wTuesday, March 14, 2006

Sailmakers Clothing

The worlds leading sailmaker expands its frontiers. Hood Sailmakers USA introduces Hood Yachting Gear. Stylish technical leisure wear which has been developed in unique combination of innovative design and over 50 years of experience in the top segment of the sailing world.

From the classic J-class Endeavour to the modern BT-Challenge racing yachts, Hood sails are the choice of the yachtsmen who know. With Hoods Yachting Gear the values and characteristics that have built the Hood reputation will be introducing into the world of nautical clothing and accessories: Heritage and style meet innovation.

Hood Yachting Gear is aimed at people who demand top quality and appreciates subtle distinction. Top design, superb fit and the finest materials make Hood Yachting Gear ideal for both sailing action as well as a stylish entrance in the clubhouse. The collection will be exclusively available from April 2006 at a select number of authorized stores.

More info:

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wTuesday, March 07, 2006


After 6 fantastic weeks in Cape Town I have returned to the blizzards and -10 degrees of North Wales. South Africa has been firing since mid January, with 6 weeks of wind and waves with only a few days off each week. This photo is from Platboom on the Cape Peninsula, which we have been travelling down to regularly.
This break produces some of the cleanest and biggest swell on this stretch of coastline and we were lucky enough to hit it on one of the best days. Some of the sets coming through were mast to mast and a half high and there was a lot of chicken gybing as you could not see what was behind the walls of white water rumbling towards you.

Ruth Elliott
Fanatic, Simmer Sails, Technolimits, Funsport, Sola,

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