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wWednesday, April 27, 2005

Sofia Mulanovich Wins Roxy Pro Fiji

Sofia Mulanovich, photos:

Tavarua & Namotu Islands, Fiji: A nailbiting finish in the dying seconds of the Roxy Pro in Fiji was all Sofia Mulanovich needed to reassert her supremacy over womens surfing today. In clean five foot (1.5m) waves at Cloudbreak Reef, Mulanovich caught a winning ride with only 10 seconds remaining in the final after Beachley appeared to have won the title. "I am in the clouds, this place never lets me down," current world champion Mulanovich said after the win, which makes her the first-ever repeat winner of the Roxy Pro in Fiji. "Last year I was on my way to being world champion and then this year I felt all that pressure, so this win is even better than last years."

Needing less than a five-point ride at the halfway mark of the 35-minute final, the Peruvian waited patiently while holding priority to catch the wave she needed. Paddling into a wave with only seconds to go, she performed a series of quick maneuvers under intense pressure to score seven-plus points for an emphatic victory. "I always had hope into the last minutes and then God sent me a wave and I took advantage of it and I won - and I am so happy," Mulanovich said. A very disappointed Beachley struggled to make sense of it all after the loss. "I am not taking it very well because I put so much heart into it," she said.

"I am really happy for Sof, she surfed well, but I am very disappointed in myself because once again I made a tactical wave selection error which cost me the whole contest. "With the Roxy Pro being the richest event on the 2005 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Womens World Championship Tour (WCT), Mulanovich won a first prize check of US$10,600 out of the total US$75,800 purse. Mulanovich has now won back-to-back victories on this years tour, after winning at Bells Beach, Australia last month, and she has taken the lead on the 2005 ratings.

Roxy Girls

Hawaiian Megan Abubo is in second place with Layne Beachley third.Mulanovich looked very focused on the final day of the Roxy Pro, defeating Hawaiian Rochelle Ballard in a semi-final, Australian Samantha Cornish in the quarterfinals, and Australian wildcard Stephanie Gilmore in round three.Beachley defeated Megan Abubo (Haw) in the semi-finals, and Hawaiian Keala Kennelly in the quarter-finals. The Roxy Pro was memorable for huge 6-10 foot (2-3m) surf on the first day of competition with outstanding performances from the top women professional surfers, who broke new ground for womens surfing. (source:

Roxy Pro Final (1st=1,200 points and $10,600, 2nd= 972 points and $6,600)
Sofia Mulanovich (PER) 13.75 def Layne Beachley (AUS) 11.25

Roxy Pro Semifinals (1st>Final; 2nd=3rd and $4,600)SF1: Sofia Mulanovich (PER) 15.65 def Rochelle Ballard (HAW) 12.75SF2: Layne Beachley (AUS) 14.75 def Megan Abubo (HAW) 11.90

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wTuesday, April 19, 2005

Britta Kuehn

On august 30th in 1981, Britta was born in Stade, northern Germany. At the age of 10 she did her first attemps on a windsurfing board on Foehr, a small island in the north sea. Afterwards she just went surfing a few days a year. With the development of lighter sails her passion in windsurfing increased a lot so after finishing school in 2001 she decided to live as near to the water as possible. First, she worked as a windsurfing teacher on Norderney and Tenerife for one year. Thereafter she started studying medicine in Kiel. Whenever university allows her to, she enjoys surfing with her Diva Hotsails mostly around Kiel but also in denmark or wherever there are good conditions. Here and there she takes part in different european contests. In October 2005 she is going to participate in a study exchange on Gran Canaria.

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wTuesday, April 12, 2005


Karin Jaggi from Switzerland is probably the most complete among female pro-windsurfers: Freestyle, wave and formula racing is not enough. She is also a speed freak!

Karins day! (photos: White, Sandra Saxinger)

Now Karin set a new speed record for women: 41,25 knots or 77 km/h! During the main event which was the ISA Speed Championships in Port Saint Louis/France, Karin DID IT on April 10: In 35 knots of wind, she raced along the channel of Saintes Maries de la Mer with an incredible 41,5 knot - the same channel that F2 team colleague Finian Maynard had already used when establishing the world sailing speed record against the boat "Yellow Pages" last year. Maynard also improved his own record, and is now comfortably sitting at 48,7 knots. A pity that Finian only competed against himself and not against his rivals Dunkerbeck and Albeau, as he did not let them use the channel he had rented...
Karin had missed out on the Jeep Hawaiian Pro on Maui just so that she could concentrate on the speed record. With F2-shaper Patrick Diethelm at her side - both on a professional and a more romantic level - she seems to have done the right thing: Never ever has a woman windsurfed that f*** fast!!! Congratulations, Karin!

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wWednesday, April 06, 2005

Morenos take Maui by Storm
report by Uli Hoelzl

Hello all windgirls in the world!
It took me some times to write the final report. After the contest the swell picked up and we got two days of great sailing. Nearly nobody on the water, because everybody had a hangover after the parties in "jacques" and "sandbar". So had we, but water is the only thing which helps. We had two masthigh days at Hookipa, and once I swam in for half an hour to Lanes after breaking my mast. Nobody helping me out over the reef full of seaurgents with my broken mast, but my name is not Polakov... Anyway, it was great.

Shawna Cropas, Jennifer Henderson, Uli Hoelzl

The morning of the second day of the double elimination started with small waves, but very windy conditions, most of us were on 4.0 sails. And the sun was shining! First of all I have to say that all the girls were ripping, with really good waveriding during all the heats. In the very first round Tiffany Ward did great , with a nice tabletop and a nearly landed backloop, but in the second round she couldnt beat Morgan Fisher. Also advancing was Nayra Alonso. (At this point compliments also go to Anick Violette, she is a great musician! The evening before the contest she was playing with her guitar and singing some great songs in the livewirecoffee!)

In the third round Jennifer Henderson, Junko Nagoshi, Tatiana Howard and I had to defend our positions. Tatiana and me were unlucky, I lost in a close heat against Morgan whom I had already beaten in the single, but the judges saw it the other way this time. Tatiana went out against Junko. Also not advancing was Nayra Alonso who lost against Jennifer Henderson, who today really showed her skills and waveriding abilities at her homespot. She advanced round after round. During the day the waves picked up although it was still kind of hard to find the good waves. After Jennifer had beaten Morgan (with an over-the-top-forward), Anne-Marie and Jen Ellefson in really great heats, she finally ended up in third position, which she really deserved! Only against Iballa she couldnt succeed anymore.

The Moreno twins battling it out one more time

So the final was again "Moreno against Moreno". Yes, and I have to say they showed again their superiority. They went upwind on the inside to start right away with stalled forwards etc. Iballa right away broke her mast at the landing of this crazy forward and had to come in to change the sail, but this heat had to be abandonned as the wind totally stopped for half an hour. As they continued Iballa started right away with a perfectly landed backloop, Daida answered with an high forward. Both were really close in their waveriding, but Iballa was going down in a huge aerial. Daida finally made her victory clear with a double-forward attempt.
It was a great competition, we all had a lot of fun. Now I have 10 more days here to train a bit my jumping on starboard tack and to enjoy some great waveriding. See you next year on Maui! Uli

1. Daida Ruano Moreno
2. Iballa Ruano Moreno
3. Jennifer Henderson
4. Jenny Ellefson
5. Junko Nagoshi
5. Anne-Marie Reichman
7. Morgan Fisher
7. Ivana Gomes de Farias
9. Ulrike Hoelzl
9. Tatiana Howard
9. Nayra Alonso
9. Kana Suzuki
13. Fiona Van Ammers
13. Tiffany Ward
13. Shawna Cropas
13. Anick Violette
17. Juliana Gomes de Farias

PWA/Boardseeker Mag report:
Today saw the final chink in the Moreno amour secured! Both the girls had dominated all events last year except the Hawaii Pro. This year, you just got the feeling that Daida and Iballa (North, Mistral) had trained a lot for this event and were not going to lose without a battle! Of course because of their success in the single elimination (a 1st and 2nd) they had to sit on the beach all day and wait to see whom they would have to beat, again.

Tiffany Ward (Starboard) had a much better start today. You could hear her hollering from the cliff top as she got some decent rides and sweet cutbacks plus a very near backloop landing. However she couldnt get past Morgan Fisher who then did well to beat Ulrike Hoelzl (F2, Arrows) to meet Ivana Gomes de Farias in the last 8. Jennifer Henderson (Starboard) meant business today and beat Nayra Alonso (Fanatic, Severne) and then did a huge end over end forward to beat Junko Nagoshi (Quatro) in the next round.

Daida loops; the winners (photos: PWA/Carter)

Anne Marie Reichmann (Naish) had a great day yesterday but now she was up against Henderson and Jennifers local knowledge showed as she picked out the bigger sets and rode with style! Anne Marie matched her in the jumps with a solid forward but it wasnt enough and Jennifer went through to the next round along with Ellefson who beat Nagoshi. So the battle of The Jennifers commenced and you wondered just how often these women have met in heats over the years. This time it was Henderson that got the victory and the opportunity to face Iballa Moreno in the next round. But that was where her run ended as Iballa got the better waves and the superior jumping which has seen her thorough many rounds at this event.

The final had to be cancelled about half way through because the rain came and the wind dropped. Daida was left drifting towards Lanes unable to waterstart until the wind finally picked back up and she got herself back to the beach. A delay of about 20 minutes and the rain went and the wind returned.

Daida opened up with a perfectly landed backloop. Iballa responded with a high forward but as she knew this wasnt enough she also went for a high push loop but crashed on the landing. The wave riding was very close as both the girls got some decent waves. But then Daida went for a double and nearly landed it. At the exact same time Iballa got wiped out in the waves and lost her kit. Daida now needed one more good ride to secure victory. But Iballa also wanted that last wave and she went for it on a punchy set and got flung over the falls in spectacular fashion. You had to feel for Iballa who had been riding so well all contest. But Daida got that last wave and the beach knew that her domination of the sport was complete. They both continue to raise the game of womens windsurfing but today it was Daida that became the Jeep Hawaii Pro Champion.

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wSaturday, April 02, 2005

South Africa instead of Maui.....

After I read the report from Uli I was a little bit sad that I m not on Maui for the Competition right now.

I enjoyed reading your report a lot, Uli!

I really wanted to go to Hawaii, but in the end it didn t work out for me. It would have been too expensive and I want to go to the Worldcups on the Canaries this summer... so I decided to stay in South Africa a little bit longer.

And it s worth it. Nearly all tourists are gone (not me yet!) and there are only locals and foreigners who live in South Africa on the water. That s so nice!

The wind is back and it s blowing for a week now. It s a little bit cloudy and not so warm any feels a bit like at home in Kiel or in Klitmoeller. We had some great sessions at Cape Point and the Spots in Table Bay are going off too.

I m still here for 3 more weeks and I m glad I have made this decision. It would have been really nice to compete with the other girls on Maui and because I have never been there it would have been even greater....but hopefully next year!
Let s see....

Maybe I must start saving money for that trip now!

See ya around....Steffi Wahl

Pics by Sjaak van der Linden

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wFriday, April 01, 2005

Jeep Hawaii Pro
Report by Uli Hoelzl

I am here in Maui since 10 days. The first days it was sunny and no wind or rather to say some wind for freestyle in Kihei. As the only Austrian I am sharing a house with the whole "team Germany" from Kiel like Klaas Voget, Andy Wolff, Svea, Carsten the Cameraman, Ingo Meyer. We are having a lot of fun and it is great and motivating to go sailing with those guys!!

Uli rips

These times Hookipa beach park is looking more like Klitmoeller and Sylt. It had been raining for one week, a lot of mud and "waterlakes" on the parking. The water grey, the sky grey, everybody dirty pants. But the ambiance was great, everybody had a big smile an his face, atleast the positive people. We were all happy to see each other again after the winterbreak, sharing some memories from our last trips, trainings good to be on the water again with all the friends from all over the world.

Daida Ruano Moreno in action

The first day there were just the trials for the men, top 16 got to the maincontest, the second day until round 24 of the men.The thirs day we started with the first girls heats in the morning. Conditions were like the days before. Some windswell, not real swell, but we had some masthigh waves, a bit choppy, wind for 4.2-5.0. All together we are 17 girls in the competition- a lot more than we are normally in Europe, - which is great. A part from that the level from the local girls is really great. There were some new girls competing, like the two pretty brasilian sisters- Juliana and Ivana Gomes de Farais, who unfortunately droped out in the first round. There was as well a new japanese girl- Kana Suzuki and an irish girl Shawna Cropas who also didnt pass their first round, but they will all get a second chance. I didnt see all the heats as I had to prepare myself, but what I heard the level in waveriding was already really good in the first round.

Uli, Tiffany Ward, Anne-Marie Reichman, Daida and Iballa Ruano Moreno and Uli at the beach

We had a "4 woman per heat and best two advance" format. Best two waves with factor 5 and best jump with factor 3 were counting. In the first two heats of the first round the advancing girls were wellknown names like Anne-Marie Reichman, Daida Ruano Moreno, JenniferHenderson and Junko Nagoshi, all showing their experience and beating girls like crazy Tiffany Ward, Shawna, the Canadian Anick Violette and Ivana Gomes. In the third heat Jennifer Ellefson, last year on the third place and Tatiana Howard, who made a great tabletop in her heat, advanced against Nayra Alonso and Fiona Van Ammers. The forth heat of the first round was won by Iballa with a great forward and second place was for Uli Hoelzl who cought two big waves were it seemed like her name was written on it. Dropping out were Morgan Fisher and Junko Nagashi.

Tatjana Howard, photographer Julia Schweiger, Nayra Alonso

After the second round the top four girls were the twins, like always they were really convincing with their jumps, Anne-Marie who improved a lot her waveriding and Jennifer who showed not the big moves but very solid secure waveriding. Out were, for my opinion one of the best girl-waverider of Hookipa, Jennifer Henderson, who messed up with a too small sail, the japanese Junko Nagoshi, Tatiana Howard not getting her jumps and Uli Hoelzl (I messed updoing two great fucking spinouts on two nice waves...) All of them sharing now the 5th place.

Anne-Marie Reichman and Jennifer Henderson

In the semifinals the twins both made it to the big finals, once again to be said..the only girls who can really jump with wind from that side, but also showing some risky moves on the waves. There in the big finals (I wouldnt want to judge it) Daida was more lucky with her waves and stalled some big forwards, but both showing a great performance.

So Daida won the first single elimination. The small final was the battle between Anne-Marie Reichman and Jenny Ellefson. Anne-Marie really showed that she is spending a lot of time here in Maui and knowing the place very well by choosing some nice waves and doing good aerials, Jenny also had a solid performance just not radical enough and taking the forth place.

Daida Ruano Moreno "no footed" frontloop, Iballa bottom turn

Tomorrow we will go on with our double elimination. The cards will be mixed again!! Ah, and the guys. They had to work hard to go to the top places. Incredible level, a normal good turn, cutback,.. isnt worth a lot. Just aerials, 360s, one handed and one footed somethings, etc. were counting. Kauli, already showing his skills the days before the contest, made it two the second place with one footed backloops, goiters and flakas on the wave. And old bastardo Josh Angulo showing his experience with one handed aerials, one handed huge backloops, won the first single. Read more:

Josh Angulo one handed backloop, Kauli Seadi flaka on the wave

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