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wThursday, June 30, 2005


It is a worldcup to remember: the number of girls competing in the super-windy conditions of Pozo, Gran Canary, has never been higher. 22 female competitors registered for the 2005 event - and it would have been 24, hadn t German champ Steffi Wahl and Austrian Claudia Vogt been taken out by injuries shortly before the contest was started.

Uli Hoelzl AUT123 throwing a forward (photo credit Holger Thalmann).

In ballistic conditions we have seen clean forwards from most girls, Volcans, even Backloops, Flakas and a nicely pulled off Ponch by unbeatable Daida Ruano seconds after the final heat in Freestyle. Impressive compared to last year the performances of Austrian Uli Hoelzl (F2, Neil Pryde), Spanish Silvia Alba (Tabou, Gaastra) and Swedish Nina Edlund (F2, North).
The first freestyle results after one single elimination are:
1. Daida Ruano
2. Karin Jaggi
3. Iballa Ruano
4. Silvia Alba

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wThursday, June 16, 2005

Paulina, 14, rips in Hookipa

This spring I was able to watch the Jeep Hawaii Pro at Hookipa, where I got to meet many of the Pros and see firsthand what it takes to win in the wave competitions at Hookipa. Well it takes a lot to win for sure - the way the Moreno twins jump is incredible! The contest was very inspiring and I have been sailing a lot with my Dad at Hookipa lately! We are really having fun and I cant wait to enter the Aloha Classic again this fall.

The Maui Race Series started on May 28 and I will be racing all the Maui Boys in the Junior and Waveboard class which I am sure will be very fun. Here are a few pictures of my latest sessions, and I cant wait until I get out of school today so I can go sailing again. The conditions are good lately with warmer weather, high winds, and still some surf around. I am looking forward to sailing with all my friends again. Special thanks to my sponsors who are really helping me out and keeping we well equipped out on the water! They are Hot Sails, Da-Kine, Maui Fin Company, Pompei Beach, Chinook, and SOS boards by Sean Ordonez!

Aloha from Paulina Pease on Maui

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wTuesday, June 07, 2005

Steffi BacksideBaltic Sea Reporter

The last couple of days delivered some good sailing conditions in Kiel/Germany at the Baltic Sea. Last saturday has been really windy, rainy and gusty...still some fun.

Sunday was a nice and sunny day with 5,3 and a lot of friends, Monday was the peak: one of the best spots at the baltic sea in northern germany rocked: Weissenhaus. So called Whitehouse..... There is no white house, it s just a stupid translation from the german language. Unfortunately I have no pictures because everybody was sailing.....

Today, in the morning, there was a leftover breeze from the storm and instead of working I went sailing just 10 minutes around the corner from my flat.

It was sunny, 5.3 conditions, some waves and nice blue sky! The two pictures are from today. Henning, my boyfriend, took the pics with my new watercamera.
waveI m really happy, it was a present and now I can shoot a lot more pictures!! I hope there is some wind coming, because I really have to practise a bit for the Worldcup in Gran Canaria....

See you! Steffi Wahl

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wThursday, June 02, 2005

Farewell Bonaire

The wind never blew as a tropical system and at one point a hurricane sucked the wind out of the Caribbean creating a glassy mass of still water on typically windy Lac Bay. Without wind, the Pros could not compete but that did not stop de Action as special guest, Irie Man, Brian Talma and other key players grouped together to make the King of the Caribbean an action packed week of parties and fun.

Thirty seven men and sixteen women registered in the Pro Event representing countries as far away as New Zealand, Sweden, New Caledonia and beyond. The top sailors from around the world traveled to this small Dutch island of 12,000 people to experience what is described by some as the best freestyle venue in the world. Pros such as Karin Jaggi arrived early to train and were treated some magnificent conditions. As soon as the event commenced with a few short heats, the winds shut off and competition ended. Naturally competitors, event staff and volunteers were very disappointed but they turned their attention to the other activities well known in Bonaire. By day, the pros went diving and snorkeling. Judge Frank Roquet was often seen headed to the Blue Hole where he professed he saw a Manta Ray as big as he was. Other pros and press hit the water to experience Bonaires undersea adventures.

At night Event Social Directors Ann Johnson and Kazandra Rodriguez teamed up with some of the best hosts on Bonaire to offer delicious menus and pumping music. Few got home before 3 AM each morning. It was an incredible night scene in Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire. The windsurfing event coincided with the Harbourtown Jazz Festival so the town was on fire. Not to miss was Taste of Bonaire, a culinary experience and Rincon Culture Night.

What made the week hyped up was the arrival of Irie Man, Brian Talma and Svein Rassmussen, the owner of Starboard. Starboard was the proud sponsor of the Premier Pro Kids World Freestyle Championships. These talented kids did not need much wind to show off their stuff. Hawaiian hot shots, Connor Baxter and Ridge and Kai Lenny made guest appearances dazzling the crowd with their skills. Local woz kids such as Choko Frans and Kiri Thode wowed the crowd. Other talent in the Junior local division included Chris Bernabella who won the Mens Amateur Division and Arthuro Soliano who competed in the junior division. These two sailors demonstrated superb light wind skill. The younger kids won the hearts of many. Go to soon for official Pro Kids Results.

The press contingent was strong with a showing from Holland, France, The UK, Venezuela, Aruba, Curacao, USA and beyond. For a viewing of super images shot by sensational photographer John Carter go to The shots taken are stellar and truly reflect the spirit of the event.

Bonaire will always host an event, even if the wind did not cooperate this year. The committee members are already at work with new tricks and ideas up their sleeves to make the 2006 event brighter and better. Thanks to the many sponsors who made this event a great success. Masha danki to the many volunteers who worked for days and weeks to put on a great show. Go to and see the sponsor page to support those who support King of the Caribbean.

See you in 2006.
Ann Phelan
Bonaire Sailing Foundation (BSaF)

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