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wFriday, June 29, 2007

Windsurf Camp Hvasser 2007

There is not just the Moreno twins camp - there are many more "girls only" camps all around the world!!

For example in Norway (see photo left), where Lill Hollstedt and her friends have organised a great camp at Hvasser - you can find more photos here.

Another example are the Ladies camps at the Club Vass in Egypt and Greece (info and dates here).

Just 2 examples, let us know if you are organising or hosting such an event!

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wWednesday, June 20, 2007


A nice image collection from the Moreno twins girlscamp in Tenerife (pdf) can be found here .
Angela Peral (see photo left with Kari Schibevaag) asks you to vote for her in a kiteboarder voting at .
Find another YouTube video of Angela here .
Yoli de Brendt is present now at MySpace .
More YouTube findings (kiteboarding):

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wTuesday, June 19, 2007

2007 Dakine Classic Slalom

Very gusty conditions continued for the second race in a row with winds blowing in excess of 40mph. Many top sailors had a difficult time as well as the mere mortals. Top three finishers listed below. For more complete results, please be sure to visit the website:

Womens Open
Tatiana Howard
Juliana Gomes de Farias
Doris MacFarlane

Junior Women
Kristen Orth
Nique Vetromile
Kismet Kilbourn

Next race coming up will be the Quiksilver Cup on Saturday, June 30. Overall rankings have started to tabulate and can be seen on the website as well.

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wSaturday, June 16, 2007

Off to Cascais...

I have not been able to get to internet since the racing has ended, so here is the final Europeans update.

We ended up having one more race on the final day in the same tricky 7-10 knot conditions. By tricky I mean that its too windy to bepumping all the time, but also not enough wind to be planing, which means its that in between breeze where one can sometimes get railing and planing downwind... but it takes incredible effort. The lighter and shorter girls definetely have an advantage in these conditions. However, I have been working on my starts this regatta and have been getting off the line and I have been able to tack into clear lanes, and hold my own. My downwinds have improved huge and I feel alot more confident about my sailing especially in these conditions. I maintained my 27th place.

Ironically, the wind picked up at the end of our final race and has been blowing since. Tomorrow I fly to Cascais, Portugal (the complete opposite end of Europe from where I am now). This is where the World Championships (the first Olympic qualifier) will take place at the beginning of July. Until then, I will rest a few days before I begin my training once again. Attached are some pictures of the club in Limassol, and of a day trip I took with some friends around the Island. It is very dry but the coast is very beautiful. You can even ski here in the winter in the mountain!
Thank you for your support, Nikola

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wThursday, June 14, 2007

Maui Wind Wahine Report
This past weekend Kanaha held the Neilpryde Slalom races. The winds were light in the morning, but picked up by early afternoon providing perfect conditions for the race. I raced in the Open women division as well as the waveboard just for fun. I had a blast and can't wait for next weekend.

Open women results:
1- Doris MacFarlane, 2-Tatiana Howard, 3- Juliana Gomes de Farias
Junior Women results:
1-Kristen Orth, 2-Nique Vetromile, 3-Kizmet Kilbourn


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wWednesday, June 13, 2007

Swedish Supersession

Nina and Marie, Anna (text: Source F2, photos: F2, Kalle Appelgren)

Nina and Marie Edlund, 1st and 2nd of the Swedish Freestyle Championship/Supersession

Report by Marie Edlund Tjernberg: "The Swedish Championship in Freestyle arranged by Lommabuktens Windsurfings saellskap (LBWS) was to take place in Habo Ljung, Lomma, in the southern part of Sweden. But due to easterly winds the competition was moved to Klagshamn, which is a popular Freestyle spot, going off on every easterly wind direction. During spring and early summer, the wind is often increasing here due to the sea breeze. Along with the Freestyle competition, Wallen Sports had their F2 Speed Challenge Competition. On the first competition day there was lack of wind, and the competition had to be cancelled for the day.

Although there was no wind in Klagshamn, the forecast for the south coast, at the popular Wave spot "Gisloev", was showing 11-14 m/s and all sailors was excited to go there to get some wave sailing. At Gisloev, the point break was busy of windsurfers that have travelled from different part off Sweden and Denmark. However, it was great fun to get some sailing. Later that evening there was held a BBQ for all the competitors. And from which I have heard, there was dancing under the disco bowl late that night. The famous sea breeze started to take effect at Sunday afternoon, and the competition got started. Unfortunately the wind was super gusty and the final heats had to take place at a competition area a bit further out from land. The judges sat in a boat. Nevertheless, the sailors made impressive Freestyle moves.

As for the women, there were eight participants, of which five are World Cup sailors. Unfortunately the wind was too unsteady to run a ladder; instead they made a Super Session, in which the best manoeuvre is to win. While Marie Edlund Tjernberg S-6 tried to defend her Swedish Championship title with a grubby, her younger sister Nina Edlund Tjernberg S-165 showed off a full planning spock which gave her the gold medal."

And this is how Anna Joensson puts it: "Unfortunately it was not enough windy this weekend to have the competition. But we had a supersession for fun."

  • 1. Nina Edlund Tjernberg S-165
  • 2. Marie Edlund Tjernberg S-6
  • 3. Frida Wiraeus S-93

A YouTube video of the Queen and King of Oeland Event can be found here:

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wMonday, June 11, 2007

After a really nice and windy Season in El Yaque at the Island of Margarita, I went straight to Tarifa again, for the Improve your Skills Event at the Planet Windsurf Center in Bolonia. In Cooperation with Fanatic, North Sails, ION, B3, SurfAVela and together with Gollito Estredo and my Husband Tom we held the clinic for exactly one week and exactly for this week the Levante kicked in, right for my 3,4 and 3,7 Sail, and so I can say we had a really nice week, with nice people in nice atmosphere, good BBQs and a Special Tapas Night with the new DWARF8 at his Dads (Dr.Beat) Place. I just want to thank all for their Support and I hope to see all of them again. See you at the upcoming PWA Canary Events...... Yoli ,

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wSunday, June 10, 2007

Queen of the Groms!
+ Maui Slalom

(Roxy) For those of you who have heard the hype about Roxy Surf team phenom, Carissa Moore, you may not be surprised at what we are about to tell you. On Tuesday, June 6th, 14 yr. old Moore became the first girl to win Quiksilvers "King of the Groms" contest held at Kewalos in Hawaii.

With Kewalos pumping 3-6 foot peaks all day, the unsurpassable super-grom showed everyone that gender has no meaning when it comes to surf skills. Moore took down well-known heavy hitters such as Quiksilvers Kiron Jabour, Keanu Asing and many more. Miss Moore was calm, cool, and calculated as she glided through each heat on her way to the finals. Long live the "Queen." Lets see if she can keep her rein alive. At Roxy, we believe that there is much "Moore to Come!!" Link:

Neil Pryde Slalom
The first race of the Maui Race Series completed June 9, 2007, with very gusty winds, averaging around 20 mph, with gusts up to 40 mph. The conditions were challenge for all involved. For more complete results, please be sure to visit the website: .

Womens Open
Doris MacFarlane
Tatiana Howard
Juliana Gomes de Farias
Norah Hunter
Rhonda Fosbinder
Bridget Reardon

Junior Women
Kristen Orth
Nique Vetromile
Kizmet Kilbourn

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wThursday, June 07, 2007

Maui Wind Wahine Report

Here on Maui you can definitely tell summer is here. The waves are small and there is a lot of strong wind. Today Juliana Farias and I had an afternoon sail at Ho'okipa all to ourselves. I think it was a first for me to have absolutely no one in the water except the two of us. Also, the Maui Race Series is coming up this weekend so I will keep all of you windgirls up to date!

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wWednesday, June 06, 2007

Girls Camp Lake Garda
Garda Lake Slalom powered by F2

Torbole is prepared for insane slalom action as the count down begins for the opening of the 2007 Garda Lake Slalom powered by F2. This international race is organized by the Circolo Surf Torbole and takes place from Thursday 28 June till Sunday 01 July.

The Circolo Surf Torbole launches a new format of race which motivates both the important racers of world professional windsurfing and amateurs to face one another in a great competition. The course will be a long ins&out crossing at the whole northern part of Lake Garda. The lake guarantees great conditions for slalom racing with light up to strong winds, quite flat water and warm air temperatures.

The race shall be an "open entry" event. There will be two big fleets: the Racers on race gear and the Amateurs on freeride boards. Over a certain number of entries the two fleets will start separately. Women and Youth will probably start with the Freeriders-Amateurs fleet, depending on the number of entries. There will be material prizes for the first finishers in the different divisions. Equipment is restricted on ISAF approved production boards with maximum board width of 80 cm. The maximum sail size for Racers shall be 10 m2 and for Freeriders 8.5 m2.

Notice of Race and pre-entry form will be posted soon on Pre-registration shall be done until 20 June. A medical treatment permission is needed for registering. Three days before the Garda Lake Slalom powered by F2, from Monday 25 till Wednesday 27 May the Circolo Surf Torbole organizes a Girls Camp. It is gonna be a training camp not only for women who already participate by races, but especially for women who want to approach the world of racing.

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Guincho 2007

Day 1: The ladies had some of the best conditions today as the sun set over the Atlantic, and the wind swinging more side shore on cleaner and bigger waves. Still standing at the semi-final stages, are 2006 World Champion, Iballa Moreno (North), her twin sister, the 2006 Guincho winner Daida Moreno (North), all-rounder Karin Jaggi (F2 / North) and tough Japanese competitor Junko Nagoshi (F2 / Simmer).

Day 2: There was a classic Jaggi vs. Daida Moreno final after Swiss legend Jaggi won a high quality encounter against 2006 World Champion Iballa Moreno (North). On the other side of the draw Junko Nagoshi, a starboard tack specialist and stylish competitor, did not have enough in her arsenal to beat Daida Moreno who was outstanding in the gusty conditions. Daidas performance earned her a berth in the first final of the womens wave tour season.
Daida: "The final was pretty good. Karin and I tried to do our best, as the conditions were marginal and onshore. I was on a 5.0 and a 78-liter board. I was confident I did well - also I landed a perfect backloop, and 2 good waves - I also heard she had one perfect wave ride. This result is good for me as each time the results come out I try to celebrate as much as possible as the level is so high now in the girls that I am not sure how long I can stay on top of the podium. To take the final here in Guincho is positive, it is the first event of the year. And, of course its not over, but its given me confidence and I am praying for more wind. Its also nice to start the season well and that my gear and my approach are working as planned. I am also happy to do well on starboard tack as I have sailed nothing but port tack for 6 months!"

Karin spoke of the final from her side of the fence. "I was on a 5.0 and the current was strong. We had to re-sail the final as the wind was a little light earlier, but in the final encounter it was real onshore, but I was satisfied with my waveriding. Jumping-wise I was Ok and I knew that would be tough as I had not trained much on this tack, so I think I might have done better on my jump scores."
Iballa Moreno was sure to beat Nagoshi in the losers final to secure 3rd overall so far for the event.There was no wind later in the day to start the double elimination. (text: PWA / Brian McDowell)
all photos: PWA, from top left: Uli Hoelzl, Karin Jaggi, Iballa Moreno, single winner Daida Moreno, Nayra Alonso, Anne-Marie Reichman

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wFriday, June 01, 2007

Starboard Womens Windsurf Week in Bonaire
July 14-21, 2007

Join Ann Phelan and Bonaire Windsurf Place on an exciting windsurf vacation to the sunny island of Bonaire. Ann is offering a super fun filled week of windsurf instruction this summer. Bonaire is one of the worlds best places to learn to sail or improve your skills. The shallow depths and gin clear water make it windsurf heaven. Bonaire Windsurf Place has state of the art 2007 gear and top level instruction. On site is a healthy restaurant with stunning views of the sailing venue. There is plenty of shade and sun so bring your friends or family and join the fun.

Bonaire has a myriad of accommodation choices. Choose from cozy apartments or oceanfront condos. Air land, clinic, car and gear packages available. This group is limited to 20 women so book now. Air specials from select cities are available on a limited basis. Call Ann today! Our package includes: airport meet and greet, free on island Concierge Service and a welcome cocktail party. You will have a windsurf orientation meeting with your instructor and then 3 days of lessons geared for women. Also available on site are spa services by Luna Massage. There will be guided nature hikes, snorkel trips and opportunities to learn to scuba dive. For those who are keen on learning to kite, instruction is available by an IKO Kite Instructor.

Please email Ann at for more details. She can arrange special programs for your children or non-sailing partner so please call 1-800-219-0118! 150.00 USD for the 3 day clinic. Gear rental is additional. Rooms start at 65.00 USD a night. Cars start at 176.00 per week. Taxes and insurance not included.

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