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wThursday, September 27, 2007

Sylt: Short Steffi interview (in German)

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Sylt: 1. Nayra Alonso, 2. Iballa Moreno, 3. Steffi Wahl!!!
Nayras first "gold", Steffi beats Daida Moreno

Nayra/Iballa/Steffi bottom turn, celebrate (all photos: PWA/Carter)

Flaming-hot Fanatic rider Nayra Alonso helps her team take a valuable triple discipline lead at Sylt with a famous victory over world champion Iballa Moreno in the waves.A narrow window of wind and waves allowed the women a valuable chance to complete their wave sailing single elimination this morning. It was apparent from the early heats that careful wave selection would prove critical for success.

Cross to cross onshore wind from the left and punchy head high shore break waves gave the ladies the perfect canvass to showcase their skills. From heat one it became apparent that Nayra Alonso (Fanatic / Severne) was reveling in the conditions and that Steffi Wahl (F2 / Gaastra) would also be a threat. The first round heats progressed without drama until Wahl caused a major upset when she defeated tour leader Daida Moreno (North) in round 2.Wahl displayed superior timing and rhythm to tear the chunky swell to pieces and take a famous victory to make the German crowds truly proud.

The second round also saw Alonso take her first major scalp in the form of Karin Jaggi (F2 / North). Jaggi sailed to her normal high standards but on this occasion was simply outclassed by Alonso who looked untouchable with her aggressive approach. To maximize time in the fading conditions, the organizers opted for a 4-women final between Junko Nagoshi (F2 /Simmer) - who had accounted for experienced competitor Anne-Marie Reichmann (Naish / Naish) in the semis - the 2006 world champion Iballa Moreno (North), Alonso, and local favorite Wahl.

Nayra smacks

Alonso, aged 28, continued her good form in the final along with her fellow Gran Canarian rival Iballa Moreno. Wahl was also looking dangerous but like Nagoshi her work rate was lower, and after Moreno fell a couple of times it was not long before the onlookers were convinced they were seeing a well deserved victory. Alonsos vertical, destructive attack was unequalled and she took the win by a 6-1 verdict amongst the judges.

"It was like a dream come true for me" explained Alonso who arrived here ranked 5th overall. "Its everyones ambition to win a PWA event and I am so emotional that I have finally won an elimination - in fact its the first time I even made a final. The forecasts look like we wont be sailing waves again so I will be celebrating anyway as its my best result ever. Basically I tried to stay upwind and really work the peak, which a lot of the other girls didnt. It really reminded me of my home break in Vargas and so I felt comfortable to really push my sailing as a result. I am glad it was wave riding only as if there had been jumping I am sure Iballa would have beaten me."

If there are no more suitable wind and waves for the women it looks likely that Iballa Moreno will take the world title for a second successive season. But despite the forecasts the event is not over yet, and at Sylt anything can happen. (text: PWA/Brian McDowell, windgirls).

Iballa: new world champion?!

Womens Wave + Steffi interview (podcast, German)

Nayra commenting (YouTube vid)

Steffi - the beauty and the beast...

Womens Wave Sailing Single Elimination Results
1. Nayra Alonso
2. Iballa Moreno
3. Steffi Wahl
4. Junko Nagoshi

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wMonday, September 24, 2007

Dutch Wave Ladies!
Op het strand van Wijk aan Zee staat het eerste vrouwen windsurf evenement op zee plaats. De komende drie weekendenden staan standby en wanneer de wind en weersvoorspellingen goed zijn gaat het gebeuren!

Ruim 35 vrouwen hebben zich ingeschreven om getraind te worden door ervaren coaches (Sommigen hiervan varen in de wereldtop). Een aantal deelneemsters zijn beginners op zee, anderen willen juist hun spring-en surftechnieken verbeteren. Daarnaast leren de vrouwen elkaar beter kennen. Hierdoor kunnen ze in de toekomst met elkaar de golven gaan bedwingen.

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wSaturday, September 22, 2007

Nayra Alonso - Maui and Gran Canaria

YouTube findings
Vargas August 2007:

Maui 2006:

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wMonday, September 17, 2007

The new keypod (portable key safe)

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wWednesday, September 12, 2007

Cabo Frio, Brazil Wave and Slalom Contest

This Brazilan contest was organized by the Carioca Windsurfing Association with the sponsor of the Government of Rio de Janeiro. We had a great time with the accomodation in front of the contest area, the lunches, the award ceremony, the party bus transportation including Spider Man and Mini Mouse, and of course the awesome windsurfing conditons with Port tac winds and fun waves.
The results for the Slalom and Wave for the women is the following:
Slalom Women: 1st Monica Veras, 2nd Ivana Farias, 3rd Juliana Farias, 4th Tatiana Howard;
Wave Women: 1st Ivana Farias, 2nd Silvinha, 3rd Juliana Farias, 4th Tatiana Howard.

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wTuesday, September 04, 2007

Wave Championships in Sweden

Pictures by:

The last wave competition for the year in Sweden took place this weekend in Varberg western Sweden. The forecast was promising for the weekend so windsurfers from the whole Sweden arrived Friday night before the event, to the local bar to watch a surf movie and get inspired for the weekend.

We did not get any wind on the first competition day until the evening when some wind good enough for freestyle came in to the bay, Apelviken. It was a windy night so it was hard to sleep and we all had to set the alarm early to be ready for skippers meeting at 8am. First out in the onshore conditions was the 7 girls who entered. The sails we used were around 4.0-4.4 and I had my wave rd 76, which was perfect for these conditions. The conditions were pretty hard in the onshore wind and as I injured my hand a week ago and it was still swollen and hurting I could not really give it all. So I finished 5:th.
Someone who really gave it all and showed beautiful forwardloops and waveridings for the judges and spectators was Marie Edlund Tjernberg. She won the final heat against Frida Wiraeus and the third place went to Anna Joensson. Supernice to hear was from the organizers and media who were really impressed of the level of the competiting girls, where every heat included forwardloops and radical wave riding. Coming up next in Sweden is the last freestyle competition of the year, in a few weeks.

photo: Sebbe and Anna (

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