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wTuesday, February 24, 2009

Anne-Marie Reichman on Starboard SUPs

Starboard welcomes Anne-Marie Reichman to their SUP "dream team."
Anne-Marie: "I got in contact with SUP about 1,5 years ago. I saw the sport grow on Maui and got curious. The challenge it gave me (it looked much easier) was instant addiction. The sport literally balances you, and the diversity of its nature is great. Taking waves, cruising flat water- in nature and cities (going for a walk on water) and doing down winders with oceans swells to ride is purely a blast! I can see a lot of people get into this sport, enjoy it, feeling challenged, balanced and healthy like I do."

Anne-Marie had proved herself to be a great ambassador to the new sport even before her move to Starboard. Watch this report on Dutch TV about her "11-cities tour" and her new YouTube video.

Anne will work with Starboard on some research and development in order to offer more to lightweight riders. Anne-Marie: "I want to show people how joy, health, fitness and spirituality can be a perfect combination. Making the link between how you feel after yoga and how you feel on the water, fact that you feel balanced/focused (you are out of your head) fit/healthy and "alive" on the ocean is something a lot of people get stoked about. I am so grateful to the life I am living. It is a choice to have this lifestyle and I am happy that it gives me a chance to motivate and inspire other people to discover or follow their dreams and passions in life."

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wFriday, February 20, 2009

PWA Cabo Verde: Josh Angulo wins!

more info:

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wSaturday, February 14, 2009

Hommage a Dora Bria

Just found this online tribute to former Brasilian champion Dora Bria (one of our readers by the way), who died a year ago in a car accident...

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wSaturday, February 07, 2009

Campello wants the triple loop
Yoli will manage his new Center

Some news from Ricardo Campello: "Right now I am on the airport on my way to the first event of the year which will be Cabo Verde . I am coming a bit eariler to train and have some fun surfing. This year I decided not to compete in freestyle, my goal this year is to be top 3 in waves and also complete the triple loop and for that I will need full time wave sailing.

On the other hand you might not have heard of me lately because I have been working really hard on my new project which is a windsurf center in El Yaque, called CAMPELLO WIND CENTER. We are still not ready but if things go well in about a month we will have our first clients on the water. It is going to be a full 2009 JP and Neil Pryde Range from beginners to experts, also for the kitesurfing people we will have Cabrinha kites as well as other activities like snorkeling, wakeboarding, bikes and more... We will teach from beginner all the way to experts and on some special ocasions I will give some special freestyle clinics.

Yoli de Brendt will be the manager of the center and she will be taking care of all the clients and giving some special tips. There is a Website on the way soon which will be !"

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wTuesday, February 03, 2009

Karin Jaggi joins Severne Sails

photos: John Carter

It's official now: 27 time windsurfing world champion Karin Jaggi will be on Severne Sails from now on. Her plans for the up-coming 2009 season are to defend her Slalom World title, compete in as many PWA Wave events as possible and, if her schedule allows, defend her current Speed Sailing World Record of 41.25 knots.
Karin: "I am super happy to be on Severne Sails. I plan to spend lots of time in Western Australia and this will allow me to be very close to testing and development of the sails. At the same time I can tune them in some of the worlds best sailing locations. Now I have everything in one spot and it is really only up to me to make the best of it. Most of the other Severne Team members spend the whole summer in Western Australia and this is another big plus for me - it's a lot more fun and so much easier to figure things out together. I have known Ben for 10 years and followed the progression of Severne Sails since the beginning. I am really looking forward to be on his sail designs."

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