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wSaturday, March 28, 2009

Hardcore Wave Fuerte

Watch the boys in pretty dangerous conditions at the recent Fuerteventura Wave Classic Event (official video teaser on Vimeo, images copyright FWC/Alfie Hart & FWC/Steve Palier):

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wThursday, March 19, 2009

Video Action!

Don't forget to check our video section, eg. the latest freestyle action (eg with double spock!) by Laure Treboux. Amazing action & great style - don't miss it!!!

Italian windgirl Greta Benvenuti for her part displays this video at YouTube:

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wMonday, March 16, 2009

More Multi Media !

VIDEO: Xenia Kessler training in Bonaire...


Ruben Petrisie has announced the release of his new track titled "ARU-91" dedicated to 2008 Freestyle World Champion, Sarah-Quita Offringa!

The song can be found on Rubens MySpace page (or start the player directly here!).




PHOTOS: Some beautiful shots by pro photographer Dani MIGUEL: Iballa paddeling. Anne Marie bodydraging. Nayra Airial. Daida on fire. Iballa beautiful light. Source: ,

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wWednesday, March 11, 2009

Allison Shreeve cares for Coasts

Allison (far left) and her "Life on the Edge" colleagues

Australian top racer Allison Shreeve is planning to windsurf 240 kilometers across Bass Strait (south of Australia) for Coastcare as an ambassador for the "Life on the Edge" campaign by the end of March 2009. "Life on the Edge" is an effort to do a collective lap around Australias 36.000 km coastline, where each participant contributes his or hers non-motorised activity like walking, running, cycling, surfing, canoeing, swimming, scuba diving or - like in Allisons case - windsurfing. Find a nice little TV report here!

Allison is still looking for sponsors to support her efforts, as she needs a support boat on the open ocean. - Your chance to get your name on the windsurfer by donations through Paypal of $20 or more to

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wThursday, March 05, 2009

Girls Camp with Laure!

(click pic to enlarge)

Laure Treboux will be doing two camps very soon!
Laure: "In June I'll be in Rhodes for the Girls Camp organised and hosted by the Pro Center. Girls, don't miss out! You can be a total beginner or ripping on the water, it doesn't matter, the camp is for all of you! You'll learn everything you need during the hours of teaching on the water, the video debriefs, theories, etc. I'll be teaching to all levels and make sure you'll all enjoy your time on the water. For more information and bookings please contact "

The 1st edition of the "Elevate Windsurf Camps" will take place in Dahab in May, with 2 different courses: "Special Intermediate" & "Open Week". Both are full time courses including theory, video feedback and of course time on the water. They will take place at the Planet Windsurfing Center. During the 3 days "Special Intermediate" course, you will learn how to sail along and plane comfortably using the harness and footstraps, to waterstart, turn around without falling in, and everything else you need to know to fully enjoy your time out there!
The "Open Week" is a 6 day course open to everyone, whether you have never windsurfed before or you want to learn to plane, duck jibe, spock...
Don't hesitate to contact me for any further information and bookings:

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