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wWednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarah Quita Offringa from NP to Gaastra

Official Press Release: "Gaastra Sails are proud to announce the signing of womens PWA Freestyle World Champion Sarah-Quita Offringa! At just 18 years of age, she is one of the new-school up-and-coming freestylers that has made history by dominating the womens tour. Sarah-Quita will be working to defend her Freestyle title as well as get her feet wet on the PWA Slalom tour... "
Read the full interview by Gaastra team manager Matt Pritchard on the Boards Magazine website .

A little bit more background is offered in a short interview with French, where Sarah is quoted that "leaving Neil Pryde"..."is a decision that has been imposed on me". translation
As we think - also an incomprehensible decision by NP, that makes this brand (with rare exeptions like beautiful freeride model Carine Camboulives) even more a "boys-only"-show...

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wSunday, January 24, 2010

Why (should Girls) windsurf?

Greta Benvenuti from Italy just opened her GIRLS CORNER at her sponsors (Point 7) Academy. Here is her first article:

"Lots of girls are windsurfing or at least tried at leat once in their life; many of them have started because their father, brother or boyfriend\husband were active windsurfers themselves. I also ended up more then 1 time with a sail and a board in my hands over my teenage time, but never understood why it actually took time before I really got into it and understanding what wonderful sport this is.

I live by the ocean and it has always been an important part of my life from when I was a kid, I loved dreaming to be a fish, learned swimming, and learned a lot of different sports but was never really into any, till one day... a classical late summer afternoon, I saw all these windsurfing sails speeding and jumping around my home waters, I was flashed by the beauty and action they were offering.

I could not understand why I never realized of that magic. So I decided to go to the first course, and at the age of 19 I was first time in love with this amazing sport and lifestyle of windsurfing."
more at Point7

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wThursday, January 21, 2010

Nikola Girke North American RSX Champ!

Nikola Girke (CAN-17) reports:
"After three days of racing in a wide array of different conditions, we were able to get 7 races completed. There was only 6 of us girls but we raced with the guys fleet so we had more competition to race against, but we also are on different size sails and fins so it was definitely more challenging. Although there was only 6 of us, it was really tight racing - the group included two of my training partners that I was in Mexico with and the British Bronze Medalist from the Beijing Olympics.

Saturday started off really windy, 20-25 knots. Our race committee was having some sort of problems with our course area and thus we ended up waiting for over an hour before they got the first race under way. We eventually did and it was a long race - two times windward leeward (2 laps of up and down). I led to the top mark but lost my lead to the British girl on the downwind, but with another good upwind, I regained the lead and kept it this time on the downwind... to cross the line first. After this first race we all got sent in for lunch (we sailed to an island and they provided lunch for us). By the time we were back on the race course, the wind dropped a lot. We were able to get two more races off in the late afternoon in these light to marginal conditions (not my strongest condition), but I fought hard and finished 2nd in both races!

Sunday once again started off with strong winds as a front was moving through. The sky was ominous and the clouds over to the right side of the course looked very threatening. Thus, the right side of the course looked very favoured to me, so I decided to do a port tack start (see the picture attached). My timing was a bit off... about a second or so too early but I was committed to crossing the fleet... Yikes!! The over early flag went up, I knew it was me so I exonerated myself by going back to dip the start line. Then it was catch up time! I was doing my best when the wind did over a 90 degree shift to the right and thats when the race committee abandoned the race and sent us to shore. Those scary clouds were now above us and were about to cause havoc. Heavy rains soaked us on the way in. We waited onshore for the weather to clear and then were sent out for two more races. Although the weather had settled, the wind was far from stable. My position changed numerous times throughout the race, but managed to finish in 3rd and 2nd.

Mondays forecast did not look promising, but luckily we did manage to get some wind and were able to get two tricky races off. I was leading the first race on the first lap, but got left behind in a puff that didn't reach me. I quickly went from first to a distant 4th. The next race was not much easier... the race was won already on the first upwind and there was no chance of catching up. I finished 4th once again.
Having managed to sail a fairly solid regatta, I finished 2nd overall to Bryony Shaw of Great Britain... and
claimed the North American RSX Womens Title!
Now for a bit of rest, recuperation and some more training before the World Cup - Miami Olympic Classes Regatta starts next Monday the 25th."

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wWednesday, January 13, 2010

Sponsor Roundabout

New sponsors for some of the worlds top "windgirls" for 2010:

photos courtesy of Naish, NP/Jerome Houyvet, Severne

French Speed Queen Sarah Hebert, who had been riding Naish sails for three years now, will be on the Naish board line as well in the future. Sarah Quita Offringa will be leaving Neil Pryde for her part, (unconfirmed) rumors say. Iballa and Daida Ruano Moreno, in recent time sailing with North Sails and - remarkably enough - with no board sponsor at all, will be on Severne Sails from now on!
Iballa: "I am personally really happy to join this new team. I feel very motivated to train hard and keep defending my titles as well as promoting the sport in any way I can. Severne is a sail brand that suits us perfectly and the fact that they support top women of the sport really gives them extra points. We will work really hard to promote what it is now the best windsurfing sail brand." This means the twins will be in a strong team with Karin Jaggi, Nayra Alonso and others. One question is obvious: Will they manage to get into the Starboard team, too?

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wFriday, January 08, 2010

Jeri with Sarah & more!

Great freestyle action in Jericoacoara with Sarah Quita Offringa and more top sailors. Found on C7/YouTube.

by Cometocino Producciones CR. Cam: Yoyo Salfate / Yeiyei Ferreira. Music: Fernando Lasalvia, DJ Dero.

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