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wSunday, July 30, 2006

ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Fuerteventura 2006

Karin Jaggi (SUI, F2, North) and Finian Maynard (BVI, F2) win the Fuerteventura ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix 2006. Double world record holder Finian Maynard from British Virgin Islands and Karin Jaggi from Switzerland are the fastest windsurfers at the 2006 tour kickoff event at Sotavento Beach, Fuerteventura. With a top speed of 39.96 Maynard shortly missed the 40 knot mark, but in the prevailing conditions with 2 meter waves breaking on the course a speed of nearly 75 km/h is still quite impressive. Both Maynard and Jaggi were able to win two out of three races, taking the overall victory in close racing to their opponents. Allison Shreeve (AUS, F2) ended second place, setting a new Australien record on 32.85 knots. French Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, T1) ended up third.

Second place in the mens division went to Patrik Diethelm (ITA, F2, North), French Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) took the victory in the final race, giving him the third place overall in the end. Both Diethelm and Moussilmani were racing on production boards, freely available to everyone. Being that fast on production equipment is a special triumph for Patrik Diethelm, as he is the F2 board designer. Last years dominating rider, Bjorn Dunkerbeck (AND, T1, North) ended up fourth this year.

The ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix ended with a glamourous pricegiving ceremony and party last night. A total of 25000 Euro pricemoney were given to the winners of this event.

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wFriday, July 21, 2006

Double Daida in Pozo

So many pro windgirls... Daida goes for it, photos: PWA/Carter

Event Summary (source: PWA)
The wave action kicked off from day one, when the single eliminations of both men and womens competition started. Daida Moreno had Karin Jaggi (Z-14 F2 /North) snapping at her heels going into this event after a close run Guincho final. The ladies ladder had many freestylers trying their luck this year. But a face not seen in competition for some time gave firm opposition to the established players. Steffi Wahl (G-303, F2 /North) advanced from the early rounds to beat big-hitter Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 /Simmer). Also progressing well was local girl Nayra Alonso (E-4 Fanatic /Severne) who marched into the semi-finals and lost to Daida Moreno before meeting Jaggi in the losers final. The single elimination final was between sisters Daida and Iballa Moreno (E-63 Mistral /North). Iballa had done well to beat Guincho runner up Jaggi in the semi-final, but was unlucky against Daida in the final, where good waves were scarce and Daida jumping offensive was too much for her to match.
The double elimination again saw a strong performance from Wahl, and also from Uli Hoezl (AUT-123), who met each other after Hoelzl beat experienced wave specialist Annemarie Reichmann (H-98 Naish /Naish). Hoelzl won and advanced to meet Alonso, but the Gran Canarians local knowledge and powerful riding style ended Hoelzls impressive run. Alonso then lost to Jaggi, before Jaggi in turn lost to Iballa Moreno. In the final, Daida started off with a textbook planing forward loop straight on the starting signal, which was immediately followed by a tabletop forward. Iballa replied with a Table-forward of her own, although hers was marginally lower. Daida then landed an amazing forward loop with one hand off all the way round, before pulling a lean double forward loop out of the bag! Iballa showed impressive wave riding skill and wave selection, but it was Daidas superior riding power and massive backside hits that earned her the higher wave scores, and a well deserved overall event victory.

There were rumors of new talent in the run up to this event. And right from the start of this contest these rumors were confirmed when some new names were seen out freesailing. Last season it was Sara Quita Offringa (ARU-91 Starboard /MauiSails) who showed up and shook up the scene with her fluid style and technical repertoire. This year it was Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish /Naish) who rocked the boat, showing outstanding skill with flowing routines of high-level tricks. There were some more experienced competitors too who had trained hard and pushed past some big names since last season, such as Yoli de Brendt (V-26 Fanatic /North), and Silvia Alba (E-67), who made their efforts pay off by finishing higher than established names such as Reichmann and Nagoshi. Two double-eliminations were run throughout the 10-day contest. Daida Moreno won the both finals in the first double elimination, and the crowd got a treat for the second final when Daida Moreno and Jaggi demonstrated just how high the level of womens freestyle is. Karin showed a full range of old skool tricks along with the usual spocks and grubbies. Daida was sailing fluidly and had pulled an amazingly clean grubby to back up her style ratings.
It looked like Jaggi had lost despite her stronger diversity of tricks, but her technical score was boosted in the dying seconds as she made a super clean flaka heading out. The judges said it was one of the tightest finals they had ever judged but it was Daida who won narrowly on the style category. Daida made a typical start to the second double elimination final landing a forward loop within seconds of the heat starting. Moreno then really raised the bar by making a perfect clew-first spock 540, and a backloop. Jaggi had made a shuvit into a heli-tack, a forward loop and a one-handed spock. She also fought back by scoring a great clew-first spock 540. But Moreno had other ideas and then threw a perfect ponch right near the beach and the judges tower. It was a unanimous decision by the judging panel that awarded her another win. It seems no-one just yet has the firepower and range of tricks in their routines to challenge Daida Moreno, but the standard of the entire fleet has increased rapidly this season, with many challengers showing promise for the upcoming events.
Treboux made an outstanding debut finish to her first ever PWA event by scoring a solid third in both doubles. Offringa was unlucky not to progress against Treboux when they met in the double eliminations final stages. In fact Offringa might well have advanced had she not performed a couple of her best tricks out of the official competition area. There is no doubt that at Pozo the traditional performers such as the Moreno Sisters, and Karin Jaggi prosper with their ability to make power moves in the rough conditions. Daida Moreno is no stranger to landing double forward loops, one-handed forwards and massive back loops within a freestyle heat. There is also little doubt she would perform in the new-skools preferred flat-water conditions too, with her ability to make flakas, ponchs and all the traditional flat water sliding tricks and more. Offringa and Treboux will no doubt soon be pushing harder for podium places, especially after further competition experience, particularly for Offringa who is only 16 years old and surely the main name to watch out for in seasons to come.

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wFriday, July 14, 2006

Naish goes East

The Naish Windsurfing Team Europe, featuring pro windsurfers Tom Hartman of Austria and Tine Slabe of Slovenia, will be hitting the beaches of Eastern Europe in July 2006, where they will be joined by national team riders to put on a show and present the new Naish Windsurfing gear. The Black Sea in Eastern Europe has a lot of potential for wind and watersports but is largely unexplored. The Naish Team will bring some hot sailing action to spots in Odessa and Kiev, hold clinics on the right trim and tuning of the equipment, give tips on the latest techniques for freestyle, slalom and speed windsurfing, and of course have the latest Naish windsurfing gear rigged and ready for interested sailors to try out.

There will also be fun races so you can compete with your friends and the Team to win some awesome Naish swag, and the National Naish Kiteboarding Team will present you the latest kite gear and some demo action on the water.Each event will wrap with a classic Naish Party for an unforgettable experience, so don't miss it!
Dates: 15.-18. July 2006: Ukraine - Odessa and Kiev
For further details, please contact your Naish Importer: Ukraine: or Tom Hartmann ( for organizational issues

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wWednesday, July 12, 2006


Day 1 freestyle: At around 14.40 the decision was made to run womens freestyle whilst waiting for improved wave conditions. First up was Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU-91 Starboard / Maui Sails) who had made a big impression on her debut last season. She took out the experienced Steffi Wahl (G-303, F2) with slick e-sliders and one handed shuvits. She earned her place against Silvia Alba (E-67) in the second round, but here her progress was halted as Alba, a specialist at this type of 3.2sqm wind strength, hit out with power moves and big jumps. Another newcomer whod got everyone talking Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish / Naish). She was on fire and immediately dispatched Waka Nishada (J-100), confirming the pre-event rumors that she was going to be a force to be reckoned with. All the usual suspects made it into the quarter-finals, except local girl Nayra Alonso (E-4, Fanatic/ Severne), whilst Albas run continued when she took out Marie Tjernberg (S-6 F2 / North) to book her place in the semis. Karin Jaggi beat freestyle specialist Yoli de Brendt (V-26 Fanatic / North) meaning she would face Alba.

Iballa, Daida, Junko (all photos PWA/Carter)

Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/ North Sails) had a good heat against Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 / Simmer) and made it through to face Daida in the other semi-final. Daida meanwhile had ended Laure Trebouxs (SUI-4 Naish / Naish) hopes of glory, by making the same amount of impressive tricks but adding extras such as clean one-handed forwards with the hand stylishly off all the way round! The semi-final went off with a bang as Jaggi made shuv its and big forwards straight from the gun and out-classed Alba, sending out a clear signal that she meant business. In the second semi Daida Moreno gave dazzling display of flakas and a whole bag of smoothly executed tricks while Iballa made perfect clew first spocks, some from off the wave!

Daida won and a classic Jaggi Moreno final was on offer. The losers final gave the crowds great action as Iballa Moreno took care of Silvia Alba, in revenge for her defeat by Daida, earning her third place. Once more Jaggi and Daida Moreno showed their professionalism by making tricks right from the start signal. One handed forwards and shuv its from Jaggi along with the usual spock 540s, willy skippers and table tops were countered by Daida with massive slick ponchs, one handed spocks, and a huge backside air back onto the wave. Jaggi had diversity and her tricks earned good scores from the judges from being varied on port and starboard tack, but Morenos technical ability and more advanced maneuvers gave her the victory, leaving Jaggi behind in second.

Day 3 freestyle: Some experienced names were knocked out by the new skool of womens freestylers today. New talents Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU-91 Starboard /MauiSails) and Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish /Naish) took out some major names. Offringa beat Uli Hoelzl (AUT-123), Astrid Muldoon (F-002 JP /NeilPryde) before losing out to Junko Nagoshi. Treboux beat Nayra Alonso (E-4, Fanatic/Severne), Yoli de Brendt (V-26 Fanatic /North), Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 /Simmer), Silvia Alba (E-67) and Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails) on her way to the semi-final against Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails). Here she met her match and Jaggi, who was perhaps fresher after not having to sail so many heats, won with more consistent execution of her tricks and less crashes. Treboux has sent out a major warning, and her status will no doubt be reflected in her future seeding positions. The final was Jaggi against Daida Moreno. Jaggi made good spocks, willy skippers and regular jumping moves, but Daida pulled off a flaka whilst Jaggi fell on hers. The tricky conditions made it close, but Daida won to take the event lead after completing the first double elimination.

Fresh Freestyle Blood: Sarah Quita, Laure (all photos PWA/Carter)

Day 4 waves: In the Womens ladder Steffi Wahl (G-303, F2 /North) sailed well to beat Silvia Alba (E-67) before Daida Moreno knocked her out of the quarter finals. There was also a tough heat between Anne-Marie Reichman (H-98, Naish/Naish) and Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails). Jaggi had more waves but with only one to count, the scores were close. In the end it came down to jump scores where a great pushloop by Jaggi outscored Reichmann. Jaggis run then ended when a determined Iballa Moreno knocked her out of the semi-final as Daida Moreno took out Nayra Alonso (E-4, Fanatic /Severne). Another classic Moreno vs Moreno final started with a bang as Daida smacked a huge frontside aerial right under the judges noses. A perfect backloop, and a taka attempt followed as Iballa fought back with clean forwards, a backloop and some solid rides. She crashed a one handed table top but Daida made a tweaked ninja kick followed by another good frontside air into tailslide. This sealed the win in difficult conditions with strong winds and scarce set waves in the 10 minute heat duration. Jaggi won the womens losers final against Alonso.

And the men? Victor Fernandez (E-42, Fanatic /Simmer Sails) finally delivers, with an outstanding victory over Kevin Pritchard (US-3 Starboard /MauiSails) in the single elimination final in Pozo. Antoine Albeau (F192 Starboard /NeilPryde Sails) takes three wins from three races in Gran Canaria, blitzing Bjorn Dunkerbeck (E-11, T-1 /North Sails) in his back yard.

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wMonday, July 10, 2006

Cascais International Sailing Week

Hello from Cascais,
I have already been in Cascais, Portugal for the past 6 days. The Cascais International Sailing Week regatta finished yesterday after 12 races. I wanted to sail in this regatta to get an idea of what the venue and the racing is like here, as next year, the ISAF World Sailing Championships for all Olympic classes are here, the first of four Olympic qualifiers. Next year we will be competing for 75% of the quota entry spots for the 2008 Olympics.

I had a bit of a rough start to the regatta. I had gone home toVancouver for 2 weeks, arriving the day before the regatta. A couple of girls and I organized to fly in at the same time, rent a car from Lisbon airport and drive to Cascais together. After over 24 hours of traveling, I was the first to arrive in Lisbon and waited for the others to arrive as their planes were very delayed. Well, once it was all said and done, we finally got to sleep around 2:30am, with our first start that day at 1pm, which for me was 5am!! Needless to say, I was pretty out of it for the first couple of days. We had 3 races per day. The first day was the only day that it blew side shore winds and the wind was lighter. The second day got progressively windier and presented us with some bigger waves, which had me winning the swimming competition. The next 3 days the wind blew offshore and the water was pretty flat.

The crazy thing about this place is that each morningthere was absolutely no wind whatsoever, and then all of a sudden, like someone flicked the switch "ON", the wind started to howl. We sailed in up to 35knots. The downwind legs were pretty intense. By day4 my jetlag was starting to ease and as I got reacquainted with myboard, I was able to handle it in the big breeze, finishing with a 3rd and a 4th. The last day of the regatta was reserved for the medal race, and since there were only 10 RSX Women here, we all qualified. I finished 4th in the medal race, which counts double and a result that we are not allowed to discard. With the few good results I had at the end of the regatta I finished in 7th. I am happy with my result here, even with all that swimming I did, as the fleet was stacked. Five of the six girls ahead of me are all World Champions and one was a 3 time Olympic medalist, so it was a pretty tough crowd to beat, but the best training I could do... to have 12 medal races in a row. Today is a day off to let the body recuperate before we start our training camp here for the next week.
Hope all is well and till soon,

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wWednesday, July 05, 2006

Lanzarote Race 7 - 9, Daida wins

Race 7: At 12.45 there was enough wind to give racing a try. First up were the men. Heats one and two of Race 7 were cancelled as gusty winds made it impossible to complete the course fairly. The next possible start was set at 13.15 and super light wind and sweltering temperatures meant the competitors waited on half hour standby until around 16.00 when the trades kicked in and competition started. The ladies start involved Iballa Moreno leading before Karin Jaggi picked her off by mark one. Behind there was carnage as the rest of the women were tangled up on jump one. Another smooth forward from Jaggi got her underway and ahead of the pack and into what looked like a certain victory. The cut and thrust world of Super-X racing can be ultra harsh, as Jaggi found out, crashing badly on the third and last jump. Iballa overtook and won the race with Daida Moreno capitalizing to get second and Astrid Muldoon (F-002 JP /NeilPryde) third.

Race 8: There was a general recall on starting the womens eighth race. At the second attempt Daida Moreno, with an event lead to protect, ensured she made a no risk clean air start well away from the pack. Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 /Simmer) led to mark one as Karin Jaggi crashed the first jump. Daida then took Nagoshi during the first duck gybe and extended her lead on the second reach. Jaggi had progressed no further than 4th by reaching the third mark, and so it finished Daida Moreno first, Nagoshi second and Astrid Muldoon (F-002 JP/NeilPryde) third.

Race 9: Astrid Muldoon sped off the start line first pursued by Karin Jaggi, but Iballa Moreno crashed on Jump one with Daida Moreno trailing. Muldoon did not make her forward loop allowing Jaggi the lead towards the second mark. Jaggi kept in front around the third duck gybe ahead of Muldoon, and a fast approaching Daida Moreno. Jaggi, stayed cool, jumping the final obstacle cleanly and won followed by Muldoon for a well-deserved second and Daida Moreno settling for third position.

So finally Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/North Sails) could hold her lead and both Daida Moreno and Antoine Albeau take the Super-X World Titles for the first times in their career histories after a week of exceptional racing here in Costa Teguise.

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wTuesday, July 04, 2006

Roxy Jam

The ROXY Jam started Monday, July 3rd, in Biarritz, France (Cote des Basques). ROXY will crown the first female World Longboard Champion ever (sanctioned by the ASP) Surf Art ROXY is discovering new artists from all over the world. Artwork about women and surfing will be displayed and various creative activities will be happening throughout the day. For more details, log onto

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