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wMonday, September 26, 2005

Nivea Worldcup Sylt 2005
14 girls are here on the beautiful island of Sylt. Right now we are chilling and relaxing in the sun because there is no wind and really nice and warm weather.

BUT: the weatherforecast for the next days is really promising and I will keep you updated from the action on Sylt.

Today all the girls signed more than 100 of the really great PWA Girls Guide 2005 and sold it to the crowds on Sylt (the book was organized by the Moreno Twins. Thanks a lot)! It is a professional book with all the girls on the PWA tour and a lot of information about windsurfing.

karin and steffiI have to sail against my F2 team collegue Karin Jaggi in the first heat!!! I am really excited and I hope we get enough wind for a double elimination.
I will keep you updated.

Stay tuned

Steffi Wahl

picture on top: Steffi Wahl

Thanks to ANNE STEVENS for the picture on the bottom:

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wTuesday, September 13, 2005

New Surfclub invites (Wind)Girls to Morocco

Sidi Kaouki is located 150 km North from Agadir and 28 km South from Essaouira directly on the Atlantic coast. The town owes its name to a wonder healer called Kaouki who lived in the Marabout. The new windsurfing station ( ), a stylish Moroccan villa, lies directly on the beach. The large terraces on the ground and the first floor invite you to relax in the sun, to watch the action on the water. And of course: Watch the fire red African sun sink into the sea.
Also the wind statistics are excellent: In the half year of summer, there is an estimated 4 Beaufort over 80 percent of the day in Essaouira. In Sidi-Kaouki, by the way the homespot of world famous "Moulay kid" Boujamaa Guilloul, there is even 1 to 2 Beaufort more. Depending on your windsurfing level there are several spots waiting for you.
Want to see more? Check out this great video: large version (11 MB) small version (4 MB)

Special info for all windgirls: The product palette DIVA is waiting for you, boards & sails especially designed for women!

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wThursday, September 08, 2005

Emma & Anna alone at home!

What a funny day!!!Me and Anna had this spot, Groenhogen, for ourselves for a few hours before it became crowded. We had so much fun, wave riding, forward looping and also tried back loops for the first time!! That was really fun and I did not get hurt at all!!!
/Emma Johansson S-37

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wTuesday, September 06, 2005


Finally I am writing again. Now I am back at home (unfortunately the school is starting again) but I had such a great time!!! I have always dreamt about going out in the water every day, and this summer I had the chance to do it.
The Garda Lake is undoubtedly one of the windiest place for the summer. This season has been quite good: I usually used a 5.3, but also had some very nice days and could use a 4.2 or 3.7.
At Garda Lake there are mainly two types of wind: south wind that normally blows in the afternoon, and the north wind, a stronger wind that blows early in the morning or just after a storm. August was a bit strange, sometimes it looked more like autumn than summer, a lot of rain and a bit of cold, but still wind, especially north wind, my favourite!!! I remember in particular the big wednasday we had in the last week, it was the 24th august and I was sailing in Malcesine with a 3.7 but seemed even too big!!! So much fun!
Well, that is all for now. I hope to report soon from another spot!
Good wind to everybody

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