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wWednesday, March 31, 2004

First rounds and some surprises

Above: Kauli Seadi Backloop. Credits Klaas Voget. Hookipa event site. Credits to John Carter.

Big surprise on the first day of the Hawaii Pro at Hookipa both in the mens and womens fleets! Nori Hubbs kicks out Daida Ruano Moreno at an early stage and the Argentinian Mariano Estivill beats Nik Baker with a double loop! Another unexpected result is: Sean Ordonez, winning the trials the day before, is out.
Tradewinds steadily blowing around 20-25 knots and up to masthigh sets made it possible to get close to a result on the very first day. At 10.30 am the first heat was started, finishing off the men s first round to then do the first women s round. The field of female competitors is surprisingy biging: 15 girls have entered and are ready to face the sometimes gnarly waves here on Hookipa Beach.
Uli Hoelzl, the only female competitor from Austria, didnt have to pass the first round due to her results from last year, but she had to go after the second round because of a lack of training opportunities on starboard tack.
The forecast is not too good for the next two days, but as soon as the the wind is back, we will see some interesting heats, especially the battle between Karin Jaggi and local Jennifer Henderson and the heat "Kevin Pritchard vs. Matt Pritchard" are going to be thrilling!!!

First round girls; waveriding: japanese sailor Sato Motoko.

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wTuesday, March 30, 2004

Daily TV from Hookipa will be broadcasting exclusive daily highlights from Hookipa in the first PWA wave event of the year between 29 March - 5 April. You can access the broadcast directly via windgirls video!

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TRIALS DONE - Sean Ordonez at his best

The PWA Hawaii Pro competition has started today with the trials. With more and more consistent conditions (masthigh clean sets coming in by the end of the day), the whole fleet of 64 men could be finished. The first 32 will be given a slot in the main event, which will hopefully begin tomorrow morning.
We have seen good action today, the locals definitely taking advantage of their knowledge of Hookipa. Sean Ordonez (US-20) and Tony Garcia (DR-17) got in today s final, alongside Yann Sune (F-21) and Sean Aiken (US-62), and showed really awsome waveriding. The result of this last heat being a tough decision, Sean Ordonez was finally rewarded for his fluent and yet aggressive down the line waveriding.

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wThursday, March 25, 2004


This years hottest PWA event is coming up next week, the Hawaii Pro which will take place at Hookipa, Maui. Most of the preparations done, there is only one fear right now - that instead of sun and wind there could be rain and not a leaf moving. Given that last week was like that...

Still, optimism is the way to go! We will keep you informed throughout the event, so stay tuned.

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wSaturday, March 13, 2004

Anne Marie Reichman

Anne Marie just arrived on Maui and is already busy with some photoshoots. Surfing and Lifestyle was on todays schedule as there was no wind but clear blue skies, sunshine and waves. Rock on!!

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wThursday, March 11, 2004

EUROPEAN TOUR: Hyeres, Urnersee and Silvaplana

Latest news concerning the EFPT is that girls are welcome to compete in at least three events of the European tour. Whereas in Hyeres, France, and Urnersee, Switzerland, there is no separate prizemoney for the women, the Suisse event in Silvaplana in august will also set up a fund for the female competitors.
Christian Mueller, head of the EFPT, says:We are not able to include the women everywhere this year, but girls are very welcome to join us as long as we can run one heat minimum.
So we need to get organized in order to be able and tell them, how many girls are planning to join each event - contact Claudia at and have a look at

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wThursday, March 04, 2004

Claudia's New Webpage
And: Looking For Some Fresh Ideas

I am proudly announcing that my new webpage has finally gone online! I welcome all the windgirls out there to sign in my guestbook and add any suggestion, complaint or idea.

Speaking of ideas, I'd like to ask you once again to make an effort and think about the future of women windsurfing for a minute... whatever idea comes up about how to attract sponsors and media and how to get the windsurfing industry more interested in us girls and women - share it. There has been quite some talk to set up something completely new in order to make female windsurfing more attractive again. Join in and make it happen! E-mail to:

C.Vogt, C.Rankel, U. Hoelzl
A.Hausberg, C. Rankel, A.-M. Reichmann
Girls watching Vargas competition

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wTuesday, March 02, 2004

Karin, Iballa, Tanja!

Epilogue to Fuerteventura freestyle!

Karin Jaggi, photos by

Tanja Emig spock, Iballa Ruano Moreno forward, photos

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