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wThursday, October 21, 2004

Baltic Sea - Dazendorf

Steffi WahlIts still really good to sail near Kiel in the Baltic Sea. Today we had a beautiful day with perfect sunshine and some waves at Dazendorf!!

It was quite warm ,so no gloves and cap needed! Just a beautiful late autumn day with sailing......The forecast for the next days looks good!

See you around!!

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wTuesday, October 19, 2004

Letter from Bonaire

Hey shredding sistahs,
I am a lurker from way back and wanted to post after revisiting this great magazine. I have some creative juices flowing early this cool New England Morning so here I am to share.
Just to reaquaint myself, I live in Bonaire and am the promoter for King of the Caribbean. Last year I worked hard with many women members here and the PWA to make sure we had a women's division. Some amateur friends agreed to go pro with the support of Karin, Daida, Cornelia and Tanya. It was great and a most memorable aspect of the event for me personally. I am invested in promoting women in the sport via my event.

This past week while visiting friends and family on Cape Cod I happened on the Cape Cod Wind Wahines Women's only clinic. What an excellent weekend for women in the sport. Local organizers Kay Slater and Desiree Moyer invited Petra Kanz, Ellen Faller and Dottie Daniels up to run clinics to women from Massachusetts and the surrounding states. I will provide more info later on this but what I want to say is there is power in windsurfing for women in our sport.

Look at the Women's ONLY competition in Canada. I was stoked to see this for such talent. Welcome back Colette! Next up was newbie Yasmin's profile. Someone who has passion to learn and to share with women. I also see my sistah, Femke, a truely admirable person stepping up to the plate, after her first tour and seeking sponsorship. Go Femke, you deserve it full on. As I enter oh, my 6th year of sailing I feel rejuvenated and renewed today after reading this site and reflecting on the year. I have not visited windgirls magazine for I confess over a year and well, I am glad I am back. I am now more motivated to do my part in making women in our sport more visible. Plans up are for some women's clinics in Bonaire for 2005. More info to come. I also want to see the women's division for the KOTCaribbean grow in 2005. Let's all invite a newbie. The dates are tentatively changed to May 29-June 5. I am glad to be back!
Annie Phelan

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wThursday, October 07, 2004

Coralie Imbert

The 19 year old kiteboarder from France is considered to be one of the promising faces in the sport. Coralie answers some questions in this interview.

Do you still remember your first time on a kiteboard?
Too easy! A sensation of freedom and space. Happiness!

What do you think of the woman image in the sport?
Good! I think the girls are accepted. The girls show the dream with attractive photos in bikini, but they are not recognized like sportswomen, althought they are often better than guys...

What would you like to do to change this image?
It is like that and it is important to know how to use it, quite as much media as sponsors.

You got 1st in Europe cup, how could you explain these excellent results?
I had experience in extreme sports and in competition before. Besides that I have the possibility of kiting every day, with very good riders around. I had everything to progress fast, and I had lot of motivation, I really want to arrived there.

Can you describe me the best moment of your surfing life?
There are a lot. I would say my first session in Hawaii, the sea was turquoise and warm, lagoon in side, waves in open sea, the wind was present. It was perfect!!

Other activities?
Yes, various! Surf, Windsurf, Volleyball, Swim, Roller, Jogging, Cycle, Snow-board, Wake and many others sports. Also internet (it is crazy what we can learn on the net!) read, listen music, and party. A whole program!

Whats your ultimate aim to achieve?
To live by my passion, gain a lot of money in kite surf and become independent financially.

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wTuesday, October 05, 2004

My first time in Sylt. Some more thoughts and pictures

The PWA event in Sylt last week: the forecast said massive swell and wind to 45 knots, starboard tack. I was fighting with myself, should I go or shouldnt I? I am a port tack sailor, and I was not sure if I would be able to handle the shorebreak. People told me incredible stories about Vidar Jensen breaking all his kit, Dunkerbeck not being able to sail in his heat and so on.

Then I said to myself: and so what? If it is difficult, it will be difficult for everyone. And: the parties are famous!

Thats how it turned out to be: Wind around 14 knots, straight onshore, one day with ok conditions for waves. Girls never been sent out! We spent our days waiting and waiting, went surfing and wakeboarding once. Steffi Wahl (G-303) proved to be a good surfer and Uli Hölzl (AUT-123) used her snowboarding skills to impress us on the wakeboard. Justyna Sniady (POL-111) and myself were mainly out there testing our party skills :-).

Karin Jaggi (Z-14) and Annemarie Reichmann (H-98) did well some nights, too. Annemarie coloured her eyelid in a deep purple shade, not by applying make up - but by breaking her masts into four pieces on the rocks! Uli followed soon and is now wearing a very fashionable blue stripe under her eye...

Particularly good was the prize-giving ceremony. With the Pozo and Hawaii result, Daida is World Champion in Waves, too, and once again proves to be the princess of windsurfing (she does not really like to be called queen, since she feel too young for that title). What we all were happy about was Scott McKercher winning his first ever world-title in Waves. The celebration with champaigne and cake in the riders lounge soon turned into a battle between various people abusing the NIVEA promotional products, mainly shaving foam...

What did I learn about Sylt? You have to have seen it once! Loads of fun in the shorebreak and current, big nights out, and the chance to meet all the VIP people in windsurfing!

Anne Stevens (G-200) took these nice pictures.

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wMonday, October 04, 2004

No wave action in Sylt, Daida champion 2004

wave 2004: Karin (3rd), Daida (1st), Iballa (2nd), all photos PWA/Carter

With no womens wave action taking place in Sylt (Germany), the winning performance of Daida Moreno (Mistral, North) at her home break in Gran Canaria back in August proved to be enough for her to retain her status as womens overall world wave champion. Daidas twin sister Iballa Moreno (Mistral, North) finished second overall with Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows) taking third. Both Moreno sisters are off to Hawaii in November while Jaggi is planning to stay in Europe and to attempt to break the womens speed sailing world record.

And here are some serious Sylt PARTY action!

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