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wMonday, September 29, 2008

The girls in Brazil...

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wFriday, September 26, 2008

Interview Marta Hlavaty

2008 Formula Windsurfing World Champion and MauiSails Team Rider Marta Hlavaty, POL-111 in an video interview:

photos: Monika Rhode

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wThursday, September 18, 2008

Daily SUP

Looks like riding a SUP board (in this case Naish) becomes one of the most popular promo activities around. :-)

Anne Marie Reichman for example just has finished the 220 punishing kilometers of the 11-City Tour in just 38 hours (split up over 5 days) on her Naish 12'0'' Glide Stand-up Paddle board. Escorted by her family and boyfriend, Anne Marie fought headwinds, muscle pain and cramps during her challenge, but kept going thanks to a steady regimen of snicker bars, raisin bread, bananas, power endurance drinks and massages. She commented: "It had always been a dream of mine to do this tour, for it has a lot of history and emotional value for me and now I have!" (Photos: Dan Fiske)
Tatiana Howard, Marion Raisi and the other girls of the "Butterfly Effect" event in France (actually in La Rochelle last week-end, during its famous boat trade show) suffered a lack of wind and made the SUPs their choice, too. Eight women riders started from the beach of the water sports village with their boards to paddle
down to the harbour where were exposed the most beautiful boats of the tradeshow.
Marion: "There wasn't that much wind but we just decided to do it with stand up paddles so that we could go into the harbour, into the heart of the event. It was a lot of fun though."

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wTuesday, September 16, 2008

Formula Worlds, Sveins Letter

Starboards Svein Rasmussen has written an open letter with respect to Omympic windsurfings future:

The 2008 Portimao Formula Windsurfing World Championships have come to a successful end. 100 athletes have been present at the Alvor Beach, coming from 22 nations, providing for a wonderful celebration of Formula Windsurfing. Just at the end of the competition Marta Hlavaty managed to recover the first place, with just one point ahead the second racer, Allison Shreeve. Info: . The results after a total of 11 races:

1. Marta Hlavaty POL 111
2. Allison Shreeve AUS 911
3. Olga Maslivets URK 9
4. Agnieszka Pietrasik POL 19
5. Sarah Hebert ARM 1
6. Verena Fauster ITA 31
7. Maarja Niinemets EST 84
8. Jozefina Rudzinska POL 1381
9. Morane Demont (FOD) FRA 59
10. Maria Anders Castro ESP 2

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wSaturday, September 13, 2008

Formula Windsurfing World Championships

On the third day of competition of the 2008 Portimao Formula Windsurfing World Championships, the weather conditions managed to overcome all the expectations! The wind blowed constantly and generously and the shining sea showed itself very weak in waves... providing for the setting of the ideal scenery for a fierce competition of the Formula Windsurfing.
For the Women division, 4 races were done, completing a total of 8. As far as the Men are concerned, a total of 9 races were accomplished during the three days of competition, having 5 of them taken place today. So, each competitor of both divisions can now put off his or her worst result, once that is allowed for the second time after the 7th.

As to the results, in what concerns the Women division, the Marta Hlavaty from Poland defended her position in the first place, whereas the Australian Allison Shreeve kept her second place, but very close to Marta, so we look forward to see if this positions will be the same tomorrow! As for the third place, it also stays the same, occupied by Olga Maslivets, from Ukraine. So, the Classification Top 10 in the Women division is the following:

1. Marta Hlavaty POL 111
2. Allison Shreeve AUS 911
3. Olga Maslivets UKR 9
4. Sarah Herbert ARM 1
5. Verena Fauster ITA 31
6. Agnieszka Pietrasik POL 19
7. Maarja Niinemets EST 84
8. Jozefina Rudzinska POL 1381
9. Maria Anders Castro ESP 2
10. Morane Demont (FOD) FRA 59

In the Men division, a new leading figure appears, the Poland Wojtek Brzozowski, who surpassed Gonzalo Costa Hoevel in the dispute of the title. In third, Ross Williams from Britain, kept his position.

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wWednesday, September 03, 2008

Anne Marie: Eleven Cities Tour!


Anne-Marie Reichman is also a dedicated stand up paddler, and is planning to paddle a distance of 220km in the "Eleven City Tour" of Holland. The tour originated 99 years ago as an ice skating event, but has grown to include walking, running, biking and now SUP thanks to Anne-Marie. She's been training in Friesland for the last couple of weeks and will follow the exact route of the original ice skating tour. She started August 27th in Leeuwarden and will go through Sneek, IJIst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen, Franeker, Dokkum and end up back in Leeuwarden by Sunday August 31st. The Naish team wishes her all success with this endeavor!
(text & photo: Naish)

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The Butterfly Effect France & Brasil

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