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wSunday, July 17, 2005

Karin Jaggi first ever Super X champion

Junko and Karin: Battle at the "sausage" (PWA/Carter)

The lineup of the round 5 womens final had all the usual suspects in it; Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/ North), Junko Nagoshi (J-11), Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/ North), Frida Wiraeus (S-93), Femke van der Valk (NB-05, F2), Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2), Uli Hoelzl (AUT-123, F2/ Neil Pryde), Nayra Alonso (E-4, Fanatic/ Severne), Astrid Muldoon (F-2, JP/ Neil Pryde) and Silvia Alba (E-67, Tabou/ Gaastra).

At the first jump Alonso hit the wall and went down. Daida Moreno got it right and took the lead before Jaggi, Nagoshi, van der Valk and Hoelzl. The forward section did not disturb the top 4, but Alba snatched fifth place from Hoelzl. At the third mark, Jaggi went down and Nagoshi moved into second place, followed closely by van der Valk and Alba. Jaggi wouldnt let go that easily though and by the fourth buoy, she was back in third place again. Daida was still comfortably in the top slot with Nagoshi behind her on her way to the overall Super X title. Daida Moreno crossed the line in first position taking her first Super X final.

Nagoshi lined up for the jump and went for it, but it wasnt to be for the Japanese as she didnt clear the marker and went down only metres away from the finish line. Jaggi seized the moment and passed the jump and Nagoshi, taking second place and shattering Nagoshis hopes for the title. Silvia Alba managed to squeeze in front of Nagoshi, who recovered to take fourth place, before Astrid Muldoon who took fifth. And so it was Karin Jaggi taking the first ever PWA Super X title, by taking the Lanzarote Super X title and thus the 2005 overall.

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wWednesday, July 13, 2005


Photo: H. Thalmann

After three rounds of hillarious Super-X races (only one thing could beat the show that is one when the chicks go over the falls, one after the other: competing yourself and race with all of them) here in Playa de las Cucharas the only Japanese sailor, Junko Nagoshi, seems close to victory. Will Daida, Karin or Iballa stop her phenomenal run today?

Stay tuned for more!

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wTuesday, July 12, 2005


The wind is picking up and we are ready for the third round of Super-X here in Costa Teguise on Lanzarote. Right now in leading position Karin Jaggi, whose speed training in France seems to translate well into the new discipline. On second and third, Iballa and Daida Ruano Moreno.

(Photo: H. Thalmann)

Super-X had been discussed as an option for the female competitors in Sylt last year but it had remained unclear what moves it would include, as obviously spocks can only be done by a few riders only (yet!).
The first tries now have seen the girls jumping over the first sausage, duckjibing around the first buoye, throwing a forward and jumping over the next sausage on the second leg, duckjibing around the second buoye, looping on the third leg and over the third sausage to reach the finish line.

The 20 girls-fleet did much better than expected, and apart from the obligatory few going over the falls when their fins got stuck on the sausages, they handled the new discipline pretty well. All competitors appreciate Super-X as a discipline that is fun and thrilling at the same time, because you can actually race against the other without being dependent on judges. Apart from the usual suspects, Dutch Femke van der Walk, German-French Astrid Muldoon and Japanese Junko Nagoshi seem to have a talent for the speed-oriented course.

Stay tuned on www.pwaworldtour and check windgirls waterworld for further results!

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wWednesday, July 06, 2005

Gran Canaria at its best

Daida Ruano Moreno and why she wins everything: one foot forward, ponch (all photos: PWA/Carter)

On a spectacular closing day of the Gran Canaria PWA Grand Slam 2005, Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/North) and Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/Neil Pryde) take the events freestyle title. In a close final, Campello successfully fought off Victor Fernandez (E-42, Fanatic). In the womens division, Moreno marginally beat Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2). The men and womens wave double elimination have nearly been completed today, as both ladders were run down to the semifinals this afternoon before the waves dropped. Unfortunately, the waves refused to play ball any longer and did not return. Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/North) takes the womens wave crown, with her sister Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North) coming in second and Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2) in third place. This means Kauli Seadi (BRA-253, Quatro/Naish) takes his first wave title here in Pozo, Gran Canaria, before Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/North) and Peter Volwater (H-24, F2) who takes third.

Junko Nagoshi, Uli Hoelzl

The final day of competition commenced with the men and womens freestyle double elimination. In the first women’s freestyle heat of the day Junko Nagoshi (J-11) knocked out Ania Ostrowska (POL-00, Fanatic) and Uli Hoelzl (AUT-123, F2/Neil Pryde) eliminated Yolanda Freites de Brendt (V-26, Fanatic/North). In the following heat, Nagoshi was up against Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2) and Hoelzl faced Silvia Alba (E-67, Tabou/Gaastra). Jaggi made her trademark big shove it to take out Nagoshi and Alba advanced to the quarter final at the expense of Hoelzl. Next heat up, Jaggi vs Alba. Both ladies were charging hard, doing forwards coming in and going out and going for spocks, but Jaggi was more consistent in her moves and went through to the next round, where Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North) was waiting. Moreno went ballistic with a sensational air chachoo, crashing hard but scoring big point for the radical attempt. Meanwhile Jaggi stuck a big shove it and two spocks giving her the edge over Moreno and advancing to the final against wave single elimination winner Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/North).

Iballa Ruano Moreno - air chachoo, the Tjernberg sisters

The womens freestyle round two double elimination final was another Jaggi-Moreno showdown. Jaggi put up a radical performance, opening with a forward going out and an aggressive shove it. Moreno did her part with forwards and a big backloop and muscling her way through a flaka. Jaggi stuck a spock on the inside and went for the backloop, but couldnt keep it together on the landing. Moreno demonstrated she knows these waters like the back of her hand and went for a radical ponch coming in, nearly making it through. The decision was a close one, but Daida Moreno did it again, taking the second double and the overall Gran Canaria PWA Grand Slam 2005 freestyle title.

Nayra Alonso for all seasons: ripping, smiling, bailing out

Final Results Freestyle
1. Ruano Moreno Daida
2. Jaggi Karin
3. Ruano Moreno Iballa
4. Alba Orozco Silvia
5. Hoelzl Ulli
5. Nagoshi Junko
7. Freites De Brendt Jolanda
7. Ostrowska Anija
9. Malyshewa Olga
9. Muldoon Astrid
9. Tjernberg Marie Edlund

Final Results Wave
1. Ruano Moreno Daida
2. Ruano Moreno Iballa
3. Jaggi Karin
4. Alonso Nayra
5. Nagoshi Junko
5. Reichman Anne
7. Alba Orozco Silvia
7. Hoelzl Ulli
9. Freites De Brendt Jolanda
9. Ostrowska Ania
9. Tjernberg Nina
9. Wiraeus Frida

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wMonday, July 04, 2005


Hi girls! i've been on Garda Lake for a couple of weeks now and the wind has blown nearly always...

Last week we had a great event here in Torbole, the italian freestyle championship, but unfortunately it was not as windy as usual. Anyway it was enough to make the competition and end up with a winner in every category. For the first time, there was a official competition for girls too. We were four girls taking part to the event. You can check out the website for photos.


  • 1. Annamaria Zollet I-115
  • 2. Giusy Mullu I-250
  • 3. Monica Casali I-224
  • 4. Camilla Pandolfi I-178
Best wishes, Anna

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After single elimination Daida first, Iballa second, Karin third in Waves

The girls wave elimination was done in perfect conditions, with pretty big swell in the morning (up to masthigh down at the bunker in Pozo bay), flattening towards noon and the finals. The PWA officials seem to have heard the rumors about them always starting the women in the worst conditions! Nobody can say that in 2005, certainly.

Nayra Alonso E-4 playing hard in Pozo (PWA/Carter)

Japanese Junko Nagoshi who minutes before the heat said she could not get used to port tack sailing here in Pozo impressed with her waveriding, as did Silvia Alba and Nayra Alonso. The final, though, was fought between the Moreno twins once more. Both did not display their usual performance as conditions worsened, and Daida finally got herself another victory.

Today we saw an early start of the second double elimination in womens freestyle. The wind is howling and gusty, and it says a lot if Karin Jaggi is on a 2.8 sail.

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