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wWednesday, April 30, 2008

PWA Women's Windsurfing Manager!

The PWA has hired a women's Marketing / Event manager. Mara van der Schaaf is just getting started in this new job, basically to improve the position of the female riders in the PWA.

This is what she wrote about becoming the women's manager: "It is a great opportunity for me to represent such powerful female riders and work together with them on improving the position of women in windsurfing internationally".

She has been hired for this job because of her educational and professional background:

The most interesting part of her studies ( pedagogy with a Specialism (specialty) in Sport Movement and Policy.) regarding women's windsurfing is the part where she has researched the meanings given to windsurfing and in what way they are influenced by gender. For example: in a pilot study she explored 'the identification process' of male windsurfers. In the thesis 'Dare to be different' following this study, she explored in what way female windsurfers challenge or reinforce dominant constructions, or discourses in sports.

In her free time she started Mara-sports (Maximum Adventure and Real Adrenalin - sports). The main objectives of Mara-sports are management, consultancy and research, specialized in ' lifestyle' sports for women. The name Mara-sports evolved from her being a role-model to other women, from 'just doing it' ( she is a passionate windsurfer), to take a role in stimulating, motivating and coaching other female windsurfers.

There are several challenging objectives expounded for Mara. One of them is to focus on researching and developing potential women's only events and contacting the organisers. Another objective is to get in touch with potential women's sponsors, in particular focusing on products and brands that may be specific to the women's market. And last but not least: promoting and increasing coverage of women's events to both the mainstream and the women's interest press.

Some additional information:
For her to get started in a good way, she booked a flight out to Maui. Not only is she there meeting some of the women that are training for the PWA tour, but also she will start brainstorming with them about the women's division. She already had the chance to see them out on Hookipa...

If you want to contact her:
Skype: marapwa
Phone: +31614044945

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wMonday, April 28, 2008

F2 files for Bankruptcy!

Some windsurfing readers of Austrian business daily "wirtschaftsblatt" were quite shocked, others found their fears reinforced: Austrian based windsurfing and snowboarding company F2 International has filed for bankruptcy. Due to Austrian AKV (Alpenlaendischer Kreditorenverband, creditors association) the adjusted liabilities amount to almost 5 million Euros (source: AKV , German only). It is expected that the company will continue its operations after a compulsory settlement (the debtor can meet at least 20 percent of the simple claims obligations), but substantially downsize its business.

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Butterfly Effect Maui 2008

Visit for more pics

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wThursday, April 24, 2008

Last Day of Racing

Racing was scheduled to start at 11am but due to no wind, and then very unstable winds, we were postponed onshore until 3:30 pm. Finally, us girls got off a start close to 5pm after 2 general recalls. The wind was quite light - anywhere between 4-6 knots.
My plan was to start near the pin end of the line, which was favoured but also super crowded. I ended up tacking onto port within 30 seconds to go, fought hard to keep my place and had a perfect start. Up the first beat I was in the leading bunch, but when the wind continued to shift to the left, a few girls were able to pass me on the inside. I rounded the top mark in 8th.

Through out the race I was able to keep my position for the most part, I only lost one girl on a reach as she went low (which I didn't think was going to be to her advantage) and another on a run (Chinese silver medalist in Athens) to finish 10th - which I am very happy with. It is my first time that I have finished top 10 in a World Cup Grade 1 event in these conditions.
I thought that the 10th place would pull me up in the standings a bit, but with the points so close and it just happened that the girls I was around in the standings also had a good final race, I only moved up one place to 22nd overall. I was 33 points out of the top 10, which when I look back at my races could have been attainable. For my first regatta of the season, I am stoked with my result and will continue to push forward for the upcoming regatta, the European Championships.
The European Championships are in Brest, France starting May 1-10. I will be driving there in the morning.
Thank you for your support and emails!

Nikola Girke

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Guincho World Cup Postponed!

press release: "Regrettably, the PWA, in conjunction with Club Overpower, has been forced to announce the postponement of the Guincho World Cup, previously scheduled for early June. Due to reorganization of the Portuguese Tourism Authorities, it has been impossible for Club Overpower (the event organizers) to get confirmation of the event funding in time for the event to take place in June as had been planned. Club Overpower, in collaboration with the PWA, are now looking at possible rescheduling and / or relocation of the Portuguese leg of the tour for dates later in the year. Further details of dates, locations and disciplines will be announced as and when available. The existing relationship between the PWA and Cub Overpower will continue and the event will be back in the future."

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wMonday, April 21, 2008

French Olympic Sailing Week

Today was the first day of racing for the Semaine Olympique Francaise (French Olympic Sailing Week). I've been here in Hyeres, France for a week now training up for this regatta. In the 6 times that I've sailed this regatta, I've seen every condition - but it's mostly both extremes, either it's quite warm and no wind or it's absolutely windy from one of two directions... from the south it's windy with huge steep waves and generally rainy or from the northwest the "Mistral" blows, offshore, flat water and chop - days can be blown out from either of these directions.

The day started off sunny with great breeze of about 15 knots from the South. Racing was to get underway at 11am, but us girls waited around till about 11:50 before we started as we had to wait for two men's fleet got underway. I had a game plan to start on starboard near the pin end of the line, go out left to avoid the huge waves and be on my way. Unfortunately, right at the start FRA50 (on port) collided into me (on starboard). I had the right of way but it doesn't really help me when I'm swimming. So, up out of the water I got and continued to race - with the fleet already hundreds of meters ahead of me. I sailed really well, had great speed and made some great tactical decisions to finish in 17th place...not too shabby out of 60 girls and the start that I had.

Race two; I had a pretty lame start as I misjudged my timing and did not have my own lane...which forced me to tack out onto port and go right to clear my air. I was struggling now in the big waves as a squall came through and with wind against tide, the waves were now very steep ramps, launching us wave by wave. Needless to say, it was a graveyard around the course. I was in the water at least 6 times, until I finally moved my mast track more forward which helped control me a bit better in the waves. After being quite deep at the start, and albeit my many swimming sessions, I still was able to reel in over half the fleet to finish around 26th. The race was so tough that many girls ended up not finishing and going ashore early.

I am pooped after today...and it's only day one! It was super fun though and with at least 8 more races, many changes in the results can happen. (I sit in 22nd at the moment). Tomorrow it's forcasted to be much the same, but even more windy. Should be interesting with the waves as they will have even more time to build overnight.

Nikola Girke

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wSaturday, April 19, 2008

Morocco Video

Our new Morocco story has made you curious?

Iballa Moreno, Silvia Alba, Nicole Boronat and Stephane Etienne have been there, too.

And you can find a nice little video about that trip to wave-rich shores at the Moreno Twins' website!

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wSaturday, April 12, 2008

Butterfly Effect Maui

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wFriday, April 04, 2008

Nayra Alonso recovering after Surgery

After breaking her right foot in South Africa, and after a surgery back home in Gran Canaria (plate with 5 screws) Sylt-2007-winner Nayra Alonso is on the mend: "It is healing well, still needs to stick a lot more, but it is going well. I can start putting some weight on it really gentle, so that is so f*cking good! Cant wait to put my foot on the floor! We start working tomorrow with the physio guys." All the best, Nayra!

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