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wSunday, August 21, 2005

Swiss dominance

And yet another title for Karin Jaggi!

Karin Jaggi - spinloop, winners Jaggi and Treboux, photos: Andy Mettler

press release:
Day 1: Today already early in the morning the wind conditions in Silvaplana were highly promisingly. The Engadine was showing all its astonishing beauty. Owing to the increasing maloja wind the starting signal for the IFCA Freestyle World Championship and the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) could be given punctually at 11.30 a.m. The 50 Freestyle pros, above them also 8 women and 8 masters, started in heats of four athletes. The raced points count for both contests, the World Championship and the EFPT.

In the womens category the two women Karin Jaggi SUI and Laure Treboux SUI positioned themselves from the beginning on very well. Will Karin Jaggi SUI reach her goal and win her 15th World Champion title, and within this her first World Champion title in her own country.

Day 2: After an extremely successful contest day, the expected maloja wind did not arise enough today. Because of the missing wind the second run of the IFCA Freestyle World Championship as well as the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) had to be postponed to tomorrow. Besides the racemanagement decided that only the mens category would race the second run.

The lead of Karin Jaggi after yesterdays first contest day of the IFCA Freestyle World Championship was counted for the final result. Karin Jaggi SUI wins the IFCA Freestyle World Championship and herewith reaches her goal, her 15th World Champion title and at the same time the first World Champion title in her home country. As second and Vice World Champion is placed Laure Treboux SUI. On the third place is Yoli Freites de Breandt from Venezuela. Mens IFCA Freestyle World champion is Normen Guenzlein from Germany.

1. Karin Jaggi
2. Laure Treboux
3. Yoli Freites de Brendt
4. Ursina Minder
5. Emma Johannsen
5. Anna Joensson
6. Darel Courlander
7. Cilia Pallavicini

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wTuesday, August 02, 2005

Jaggi, queen of everything

Nobody to stop Karin Jaggi in 2005: After her world speed record and the world title in super x, Karin has just won the IFCA World Slalom Championchip in Fuerteventura:

"It was another demonstration of why Karin Jaggi has won so many titles in her illustrious career. Despite the tough course and the challenging conditions, she once again opened up a significant lead over Ghibaudo, who gave her all to try and regain the lead which once seemed so securely hers. Jaggi was simply too fast and too clean leading squarely through the course and putting the final nail in the coffin of Ghibaudos dreams of event glory.

As well as taking honors in the opening round of the PWA Slalom 42 Tour, Jaggi was also crowned IFCA World Slalom Champion at the prize giving party. The results:

1. Karin Jaggi, Z-14
2. Valerie Ghibaudo, FR-444
3. Allison Shreeve, AUS-911
4. Verena Fauter, ITA-31
5. Marion Raisi, FRA-21
6. Zara Davis, GBR-731
7. Birgit Hoefer, GER-117

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