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wFriday, September 24, 2004

Lake Garda: Freestyle event for girls

Tanja Emig, sailing under AUT-0 but living most of the time in Italy, invites you windgirls to come to Lake Garda, Italy, and join the ISOLA VERDE Freestyle competition.
The event will take place in Al Pra on the western "shores" of the lake on october 8, 9 and 10. To make sure that every girl gets a chance, it is not gonna be a "head to head" judging but a so called supersession (all get out and the biggest moves count): the best four girls get into the final. For more info contact !

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wWednesday, September 22, 2004

Epic days in Klitmoeller/Denmark

Klitmoeller5 days of really nice windsurfing in Klitmoeller in the northern part of Denmark. We arrived last Wednesday and the wind was blowing like was even too windy. The guys were on 3.3 and on fire...
The next days brought really epic conditions with side offshore winds and 2 - 3 m waves with really glassy water! Just perfect for waveriding.

There was the Soulwave Event with Kitesurfing, Surfing and Windsurfing and it was a great success. All disciplines finished with a result! Unfortunately I was the only girl in Windsurfing, so I had to sail with the men. But it was not too bad, I managed to pass some rounds... great fun to kick out some of the guys!!!! Lars Gobisch won the Soulwave Competition!

I m really happy with the last days, because I tested my new F2 Wave Guerilla Board with 68 Liters in different conditions and it is just great! Thanks to Patrick Diethelm for this nice shape....

In 4 days I will drive to Sylt for the last PWA Worldcup in Waves in 2004! Lets see...
And here is a call for all girls: You must come to the Soulwave in Denmark next year! This event is very relaxed with perfect windsurfing conditions, nice people and a nice party! If you have questions about travelling you can ask me: ! It would be really great to windsurf with some girls!

Thanks to J├╝rgen Schall from
"the Daily Dose" for this picture!

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wThursday, September 16, 2004


Hi there! My name is Yasmin and I am from the island of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. About two years ago, when visiting sister island Bonaire, I saw these local boys and girls windsurfing. They were really ripping the ocean and laughing so much. I just had to try... it looked like so much fun! So I jumped on a board (pretty nervous of course), fell a couple of times and struggled soooo much to finally get my tiny little sail up while keeping my balance on the board.

Yasmin & the beach where she discovered windsurfing!

But the moment I felt the wind in my sail, I will never forget. Even if it lasted only a few seconds! After that I have been to Bonaire a couple of time just to windsurf. Recently I discovered this great place in Curacao where you can also windsurf. I am still just a beginner, but I just cant wait to start ripping like the Bonaire boys and girls.
From now on I want to share my days on the water with you now and then, writing about the fun and the challenge the greatest sport in the world has to offer for a "rookie" windgirl like me. CU, Yasmin.

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wWednesday, September 15, 2004

Girls Only Event in Canada

photos: PWA/Carter
The PWA freestyle event in Canada, which has been organized for PWA girls only, has seen some good flatwater action, sailing in a very shallow lagoon under changing weather and wind conditions. The top three are well known names, the Moreno twins showing once more their exceptional talent and swiss legend Karin Jaggi taking third this time.

Going strong: Team Japan; Nayra Alonso ready to fly! Tiffany - the look

A surprise for the European competitors was the display of high scoring moves by the Japanese sailors Junko Nagoshi (J-11), finishing fourth, and Motoko Sato (J-0). Both pull off one handed spocks and are now working on the Flaka. Fellow japanese competitor Kana Suzuki, only sweet sixteen, impressed with clean spinloops in almost no wind - watch out for her!!!

Colette Guadagnino (V-711) had her comeback to the tour after a couple of years absence, but unfortunately could not fulfill the high expectations that were put in the former freestyle world champion. Pretty strong were the Spanish girls taking first, second, fifth (Silvia Alba, E-67) and sixth (Nayra Alonso, GC-4)! Tanja Emig (AUT-0) with her super-smooth style finished 6th ex aequo with Alonso, who now is third overall in freestyle 2004, and surely could have gone further up the ladder with some more luck in the seeding.

Claudia (

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wSaturday, September 11, 2004

Canada, Magdalene Islands: Japanese girls ripping, Daida ruling
Motoko Sato, winner of the Hawaii Pro in April, and fellow japanese sailor Junko Nagoshi are new faces in the top 5 in freestyle! One handed spocks, flatwater loops on both tacks - no problem. Amazing the level of women freestyle here on the Iles de la Madeleine in francophone Quebec province. Daida Moreno though, can still hold on to her role as the queen of freestyle, pulling off clean flakas and one footed speedloops.
Stay tuned as I will keep you updated the next days!!

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