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wFriday, July 30, 2004

Daida stronger than ever in Fuerteventura

17 (!!!) female competitors and incredible strong freestyle performances by the "windgirls" will grant this PWA freestyle in Fuerteventura an entry in history books of female freestyle windsurfing for sure.

spock mania: Daida, Karin, Silvia; all photos: PWA/Williams, Christian Tillmanns

final results:

2 JAGGI Karin Z
3 ALONSO Nayra GC-4
4 ALBA OROZCO Silvia E-67
8 HOELZL Uli AUT-123
8 TJERNBERG Marie Edlund S-166
11 KATHER Susanne E-102
11 VOGT Claudia AUT-23
13 HAUSBERG Andrea G-212
15 STEVENS Ann Kathrin G-200
15 TJERNBERG Nina S-165
17 VAN DER VALK Femke NB-05

The Fuerteventura event was a great indication of how much the feminine side of the sport has moved on in recent years. With seventeen competitors in Fuerteventura, it is one of the most heavily subscribed contests for a while and there is a lot of new talent. Including the stunning Tjernberg sisters from Sweden, the beautiful Ania Ostrowska from Poland as well as a strong Austrian contingent in the shapely form of Claudia Vogt and Uli Hoelzl.

By the time the girls had been reduced to the final four however, it was all the big names that remained. Karin Jaggi, Nayra Alonso, Sylvia Alba and Daida Moreno. Jaggi and Daida Moreno finally secure their places in the final. Daida pulled off a one handed Spock to which Jaggi immediately replied with the same. Jaggi attempted a Grubby to which Moreno responded with an even faster one. Both girls crashed their Flaka attempts, but with one handed forward loops it was Daida who convinced the judges taking the final victory.

On the second day of competition the ladies took priority, with the action going straight into the womens double elimination round. Sonia Pavelin made it past 2 of her rivals only to be taken out by Claudia Vogt. Yolanda Freites De Brendt from Venezuela, also competing in her first PWA event, also made it through to eventually go down to Nayra Alonso. Yesterdays third place lady, Sylvia Alba maintained her place in the contest taking out Ania Ostrowska who has shown real potential both here and recently in Lanzarote.

Daida: incredible table top forward & technical willy skipper combis

So the quarter finals of the double would be a repeat of yesterdays losers final and Alonso took revenge and moved ahead to take on Karin Jaggi. Alonso was on a roll and continued to show great fluidity as she went up against the Swiss veteran. In the end it came down to a split decision this time favoring Alonso as she made it into her first Fuerteventura final. With weapons such as One Handed Forward Loops, Spocks and Flakas at her disposal, Daida is once again setting the standard for womens windsurfing and placed herself at the top of the tree winning the double elimination final of Round 1.

Day three another final showdown between Jaggi and Daida Moreno. The fight was so intense that at one point Jaggi nearly collided with Moreno whilst blasting downwind, clew first looking for her next trick. Close to the end of the heat, Moreno ducked the sail to go clew first and after briefly wrestling to control her equipment, planed powerfully through a clew first Spock, a technical move that guaranteed her the edge. In the end there was no dispute as the judges once more awarded victory to Daida Moreno.

Day four: In stark contrast to her first round position, Natascha Petersmann from South Africa, found herself in the top six, to face Sylvia Alba whilst Nayra Alonso went head to head with Yolanda Yoli Freites De Brendt all four looking for a place in the quarter finals.

eternal battle: Karin Jaggi versus Daida Moreno; furious freestyle fleet: 17 "windgirls"!!

Alonso and Alba have both shown great improvement in the last twelve months and their Vulcans and Spocks stood them in good stead to fight off the challenges from Petersmann and Yoli to meet each other in the quarters. Both girls fought hard for a chance to tackle Jaggi, but it was the high wind talent, bred in the waters of Gran Canaria that carried favor with the judges and gave Alonso her shot at glory. Jaggi however was having none of it. The former World Champion opened fire with both barrels, Spocks, Grubbies, Clew First Spocks; the barrage was relentless! Jaggi faced Daida Moreno in the final once more.

With Alonso out, Moreno was assured of the event win, but Jaggi was ready to rumble. The final opened with Forward Loops from both girls followed by a Spock from Daida, but she fell hard, overpowered on too big a sail. Jaggi pushed the pace and would obviously not quit, Moreno landed a Back Loop, but immediately after Jaggi countered with a great Flaka on the way out giving her the win and forcing a rematch.

Second time around, the girls were better prepared and Moreno looked more confident. Unusually for the World Champion she fell on her first two moves whilst Jaggi struggled successfully through a Clew First Spock. Both girls splashed down on their Flaka attempts and Moreno looked as though she may have sewn up the second round as she unleashed her secret weapon, the Ponch, a move that none of the other girls are doing. Unfortunately there were no happy landings and again she found herself swimming. Jaggi had achieved what had seemed impossible and clawed victory back in the second round.

Daida Moreno has really made her mark on Freestyle in 2004 and with 2 event wins in the bag she is looking very strong to renew her World Championship. For that she will have to wait until next month when the Freestyle tour concludes in Pozo in August.

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wThursday, July 15, 2004

Lanzarote: Karin-Daida, but more to come...

Daida styling/photo:Alex Williams/PWA Mast high waves and high winds welcomed the competitors at the new (but former) PWA freestyle tour stop on the Canarian island of Lanzarote. 11 windgirls made up a respectable fleet,including "everygreen" professionals and new blood at the same time.

The level once again has improved tremendously and the top girls were all showing loops, volcans & spocks and a variation of jumps and transitions very safely. Top scoring moves were clew first spocks, grubbies, table-top-forwards, one handed loops and even double loops. Unfortunately Iballa Ruano Moreno went down hard failing to land a double and once again in her career got injured. (all the best from here).

The battles were tough, althought the finals turned out to be a well known revival of the popular Karin Jaggi versus Daida Ruano story, with Daida having the edge over the Swiss at the end. Very promising were radical Spanish sailors Silvia Alba Orozco (4.) and Nayra Alonso (3.), who turned out to be an essential improvement to the tour. Ania Ostrovska from Poland, one of the smallest sailors ever :-), proved that radical attitude and killer loops are just no question of body strength.

After all a great event and a promise for the upcoming tour stops this year. magazine will keep you updated.

experience versus red blooded youth: Karin and Daida, Silvia Alba and Nayra Alonso, photos: Stephie Gugg

results Lanzarote freestyle:
1. Daida Ruano Moreno
2. Karin Jaggi
3. Nayra Alonso
4. Silvia Alba Orozco
5. Ania Ostrowska
6. Natascha Petersmann
7. Andrea Hausberg
8. Iballa Ruano Moreno
8. Claudia Vogt
10. Marie Tjernberg
11. Femke van der Valk

new faces: Andrea (Ger), Ania (Pol), Claudia (Aut), Marie (Swe), Tasch (ZA)

photos: Stephie Gugg, Williams/PWA

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wThursday, July 08, 2004

Pozo Waveriders 2004 won by Frida Wiraeus, Sweden

Frida Wiraues, S-63 (Roxy Sweden, Simmer Sails), took the Pozo Waveriders 2004 trophy home. Second Ania Ostrowska, POL 00 (RRD, Simmer Sails), third Claudia Vogt, AUT-23 (Hot Sails Maui, Quatro, Chiemsee).

Organized by Secondreef Events, the event was an alternative for us girls to the PWA. As we usually don t get too much heat experience before entering the worldtour, everyone was quite grateful for getting a chance to practice before actually doing any of the PWA competitions.

Pozo s howling winds and some good swell coming in (which was pretty astonishing after months without the least bit of swell) made the conditions quite radical, but also fun to sail.

The guy s contest was won by Tenerife s Daniel Bruch, who amazed us with his waveriding abilities, followed by Venezuela s Cheo Diaz - one of the most talented freestyle kids - and Sweden s Kritoffer Living, who pulled off double forwards in all of his heats.

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The "windgirls talent scout" presents: Emma Johansson

What windsurfing means to me? Everything! Yes, everything in my life has got something to do with this great sport, lifestyle, hobby or whatever you would like to call it. I'm a 21 years old girl from Sweden. I'm living on the second largest island in Sweden, called Oeland. When I had finished school (2001), my best friend who was windsurfing, asked me if I wanted to join her to South Africa for 4,5 months to learn how to windsurf. And I joined her of course, even if lots of windsurfers from home recommended me to start at an easier place. I'm so glad I didnt listen to these people because there is also a little lake, perfect for beginners and freestyle, which is the funniest thing I know. And there arent always waves on the ocean so I tried it a few times. I even tried the ocean before I could water start so I had to swim the way back to the beach every time, which feels pretty crazy now when I look back...

The winter after I went back to Cape Town, South Africa, this time for 2,5 months. This town is nice even if you got days without wind or friends/family with you who arent windsurfing. Things you can do in Cape Town are golf, wine tasting, surfing and beautiful places to see. But we were lucky and didnt have so many days without wind so we just had one little vacation from the vacation. We rented a car and drove along the east coast and also tried the worlds highest bungee jump (216m).

The autumn/winter after I started to study marketing. But after one term I had to take a break and go to a warmer and windier place. This time I went to El Yaque, Isla Margarita, Venezuela. This little village with lots of wind and warm water became my favourite. Its just perfect to practice freestyle tricks like Volcano and Willy skipper. I even practiced forward loops a few times. It was scary before I tried it but after it felt good, I didnt hurt myself that time. I only hurted myself a few times and that was my own fault because I was too tired to hold the sail.

Last year I started to compete in the Swedish cup and ended up total 2:nd. I was really nervous at the first competition, couldnt eat anything, was shaking all the time (probably because I couldnt eat) and the tricks I was sure of before didn't work at all. But it went better and better with my nerves so I will compete this summer too and maybe even try the European Cup. For the rest of the summer I will be practicing freestyle at my home spot Haga Park that is the best freestyle spot in Sweden. And of course I will be working so I can travel again next winter. Its no idea for me to start studying yet because all I can think of is how fun I had last time I was out on the water, or what Im going to practice next time. It would be nice to do a really long trip this winter and see how far I can go. And of course it would be exciting to try some PWA competitions next year, that's really something I want to try. My dream is to win the Swedish Championship or the Swedish Cup and be one of the top 10 freestyle girls in the world.

Thanks to my sponsors: Skidsport Bromma ( and ROXY/quiksilver Sweden

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