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wWednesday, November 17, 2004

Aloha Classic, Hookipa, Maui

Aloha Classic - they are back! After a long break the famous event in Hookipa was revived to life again by Pietro Porcella and Mark Lefebvre. From November 8th to the 12th the Beach of Hookipa belonged to the Windsurfers, and although it was not a PWA Worldcup the competitors list showed big names like Josh Stone, Baptiste Gossein, Sean Ordonez, Julien Taboulet, Anders Bringdal, Kelly Moore, Angela Cochran, Anne Marie Reichman and many more.

Kelly Moore loops, Motoko Sato rips

But not only the Grown ups got a chance to participate but also Kids an Juniors. The Organisation decided to have a Kids, Juniors, Women Open, Women Masters, Mens Open, Mens Masters and Mens Grand Masters class. Wind were gusty, Waves varied from small to Logohigh but taht didn't matter and the Kids, Juniors, Women Open, Women Masters and Men Masters Division could be finished with the following results:

Womens Open: 1. Motoko Sato 2. Angela Cochran 3. Anne-Marie Reichmann 4. Jenny Schneider

winner of Womens Open: Motoko Sato, Angela Cochran, Anne-Marie Reichmann

Womens Masters:1. Angela Cochran 2. Jenny Schneider 3. Kelly Moore 4. Francesca Tartaglia
Kids Division: 1. Kai Lenny 2. Connor Baxter 3. Jaeger Stone
Junior Division:1. Francisco Porcella 2. Nick Warmuth 3. Riley Coon
Mens Masters: 1. Anders Bringdal 2. Alex Aguera 3. Luke Hargreaves

Reichmann, Riemenschneider, Ward and Howard ripping
A really nice, social and well organized event. I am sure they will be back next year again.
Aloha, Julia

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wThursday, November 11, 2004

Energy, patience, love & inspiration

Hi all!

Wow I just cannot wait to become as good at windsurfing as the other windgirls on this website. Windsurfing is not easy in the beginning but windgirls alway inspires me to continue! Keep up the good work!!!

What also inspires me is that each time I can move on to a bigger sail. I remember how I used to watch the Bonaire kids ripping with huge sails and very small boards, while I was struggling to move a few inches on a big board with a mini sail. I was really proud when I was ready for a larger sail!

Windsurfing is a lot of fun. Its all about working with and controlling the sea and the wind. Once you experience what it feels like to slice through the air with the ocean beneath your feet, you will never stop. And I believe that as a beginner all you need is some energy, patience, love for the sport and of course... inspiration by windgirls magazine!

Okay girls, keep going!!! Till next time! Yasmin

posted by Britta Kuehn at 11/11/2004 11:24:00 PM | (1) comments

wTuesday, November 02, 2004

Emma and Anna in Sweden: sailing in cold waters

Emma (left) and Anna (right) want to "inspire at least some girls to keep on surfing even when the water is cold."

Here come some pictures from two enthusiastic girls in Sweden. The water has become really cold, so cap is a need, :) soon gloves will be necessary too. In the beginning of this cold but windy Friday morning we warmed up at our homespot Haga Park with some freestyle and took some pictures.
But the wind picked up, so we packed the rigs and drove in our wetsuits to our fantastic wave spot, Groenhoegen, in the southern part of the island Oeland. At first there was almost no waves, but the wind and waves got better later in the afternoon, but of course no one wanted to stay on land photographing then. :)

Kind regards/Emma

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