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wThursday, April 29, 2004

Uli Hoelzl

Uli now back in the Austrian mountains, snowboarding. Looking back to Ho'okipa event site...

Uli ripping - and watching... Jaws!!!

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wFriday, April 16, 2004

More Maui

winner Motoko Sato, photo: PWA/Carter

Nori Hubbs, photo: Fiona van Ammers

winners Ellefson, Sato, Jaggi, photo: PWA/Carter

Final results:
1. Motoko Sato
2. Karin Jaggi
3. Jenny Ellefson
4. Jennifer Henderson
5. Iballa Ruano Moreno
6. Anne Marie Reichman
7. Junko Nagoshi
8. Nori Hubbs

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wSunday, April 04, 2004

Sato and Polakow take trophies home

We have had an amazing day here on Maui. Conditions were as good as they can get with sunshine, steady winds of 15-20 knots and PERFECTLY peeling waves. Before the eyes of hundreds of spectators the final heats were sailed, beginning with the quarterfinals of the women. Again the best two waves were scored in 20 minute heats. Iballa R. Moreno, Jennifer Henderson, Annemarie Reichmann and Karin Jaggi fought hard, but only 2 of them would make it: Karin and Jen. Then Karin won the next heat against Jen by being the more fearless, doing a huge aerial in a closed out section of the wave. With that as a warmup, she also managed to beat Jenny Ellefson, inspite of being washed out over the rocks far downwind. Yet, Karin was without a chance in the finals. Motoko Sato clearly had the better wave selection, whereas Karin broke a mast and had to give away precious minutes when waiting for Annemarie to sail out the other equipment and switching boards (the latter done in a fantastic time of 35 seconds)! Former wave champion Karin Jaggi seemed tired by that time, having sailed in every women s heat before. Still, Motoko rightfully took advantage of knowing Hookipa by heart, pulled of good aerials and won with a flawless performance.

Winner of the men s competition is Jason Polakow, who won despite being in the loser s pool after the first single elimination. In everyone s eyes it was a difficult decision between Josh Angulo, who had won the single, and Polakow. We have clearly seen some of best waveriding ever in a PWA contest, with huge one-handed and incredibly tweaked aerials, upwind 360s on the face of the wave and lipslides over masthigh, gnarly sets of waves.
Congratulations again to the winners and all those who had made this event happen, especially Severne Sails and the PWA organizers!

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wSaturday, April 03, 2004

Iballa and Karin making their way in the loser s bracket / Polakow and Siver now to face Seadi and Kevin Pritchard

By Friday the double elimination could almost be finished, with only a few heats left to sail today, Saturday. Iballa Ruano Moreno and Karin Jaggi made it back to the top 6 sailors, leaving behind current wave champion Daida and Nori Hubbs, whose performance was not as strong as we have already seen it.

Karin Jaggi (Z-14) showing off with a huge aerial

With a 25 minute heat duration, the men s double was run before the women were done, so that today we will see the decision between Reichmann, Henderson, Jaggi and I.Moreno. The two highest scoring women will advance to the semifinals where they will meet Ellefson and Motoko.

Levi Siver and Jason Polokow are in the same position as Jaggi and I. Moreno after getting through some tough heats. Jason Prior who had lost early in the single elimination but then fought his way back with huge double loops had to give up against those two, as did Hookipa wave sail legend Rush Randle.

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wFriday, April 02, 2004

Girls on standby, men battling it out in the loser s bracket

The weather forecast was wrong this time: instead of rain and trophing of the wind there was bright sunshine and light wind, allowing three rounds of heats with down the line waveriding. Duncan Coombes, as the headjudge here, decided to score the best two waves and no jumps, which surely will bring us a different result than the Canaries Pozo event usually does.
Due to somewhat infrequent sets, the heats were prolonged twice (from 12 to 15 and then to 20 minutes) and heat 48 had to be cancelled and then resailed. It was in this heat that German sailor Klaas Voget (G-4) showed incredibly high aerials and managed to beat Peter Volwater from the Netherlands and the two British sailors Robby Swift and Ross Williams.
In the third round now are Nik Baker, Peter Volwater, Canadas Jason Prior, Micah Buzianis, Kai Katchadourian, Sean Ordonez, Vidar Jensen and Takaharu Kamaguchi. They will next have to face Levi Siver, Scottie McKercher, Josh Stone, Diony Guadagnino and Rush Randle on their way from the loser s pool back to the top ranks.

The girls were on standby until around 3 pm when it became clear that conditions would not allow for a faster advance through the men s heats, so they were finally released for the day. Motoko Sato, 31 years old and a parttime waitress in Japan, says in an interview with the "Maui News" that she was simply "lucky", but she has definetely earned her luck sailing Hookipa every day when she is on Maui - which is three or four months every year. Back home she frequently sails at a place called Omaezaki which is known for its strong winds. Her experience can be seen, since she did not on win the first single elimination against 20 other girls here, but has also claimed various victories in the past, such as the 2000 PWA Maui World Cup and the 2000 Chili Aloha Classic.

Motoko Sato hitting the lip. Credits PWA, John Carter.

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wThursday, April 01, 2004

Motoko Sato and Josh Angulo first winners. Double elimination has started.

The windgirls rip hard in Hookipa

Conditions today were pretty light winds and inconsistent waves, so the heat duration was raised to 15 minutes in order to finish the first elimination.
In the women s finale, Japanese windgirl Motoko Sato (J-0) beat Jennifer Ellefson from the States (US-129) in 3 to 4 metres waves. Both showed an aggressive style - compared to the others, their bottomturns were just more like the men s and they really hit the lip of masthigh sets instead of chickening out. Jenn Henderson took third before Annemarie Reichmann. Those who everybody expected to take this first victory, names like Daida Moreno, Karin Jaggi and Nori Hubbs, finished fifth.
The men s elimination was won by Josh Angulo, his enormous talent showed when in light winds he still knew how to mantain speed on the wave and pull off high aerials. Keith Teboul got second, Kevin Pritchard third after advancing against his elder brother Matt. Kevin s strategy to score high with one handed and one footed aerials off the lip had worked out.
At 4.30 pm the sailors were released since conditions did not allow any more heats. Many got out on their surfboard to relax and have fun after two hard days. Tomorrow the double elimination is planned to go ahead.

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