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wFriday, April 27, 2007

Butterfly Effect Quotes

Tatiana Howard noted that the event was "a ton of fun", and hopes that the "Butterfly Effect" will be made into an annual event for years to come.

Heaps of fun, hope to do it again! Go Girls! - Nori Hubbs

B-Effect. WOOHOO! - Anne Marie Reichman

We got the power together! It was fun and challenging!- MariaSouza

Awesome! - Kristen Orth

Accomplished. 4 girls 16 and under sailing together for fun, no contest pressures. Positive!- Linda Stott

More on this website from Brasil:

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Hyeres Final

Yesterday was the last day for me racing here in Hyeres. We had another day of no wind, racing only one race after waiting all day. I porttacked the fleet and was looking like I had the race in my pocket, when the wind shifted right and I lost everyone that had a bad start at the boat end of the line. I sailed a good race, worked hard and finished 21st. Then we finally got wind yesterday!!!
The forecast called for windy, windy, but our first race was a mixed bag, really shifty and puffy and at the start there was only about 5 knots. I porttacked the fleet and once again thought I had the race pretty secure. Then some girls came out of the right in a huge puff... I finished 6th. The next race was pretty windy and I finished 4th. Then in the finalrace of the day I got launched off two huge waves and catapulted... which had me swimming and I fought back to 14th place. At least it was a fun day. I finished 49th overall, in a fleet which was dominated by light weights. It was actually kind of funny, on windy days we can have 3 races, but we are sent in after the second race for a break before the third race. Being quite windy, it was tiring and quite difficult... I was sitting around with a bunch of friends when some girls came up to us asking if we would join them in boycotting the last race of the day because it was so windy! All of the girls I was with were loving the wind and are heavy air specialists... they were talking to the wrong crowd. It was our turn to smoke the little girls that had been dominating all week in less than 6 knots. I fly home tomorrow for a month, I have 2 training camps at home as well as Hayley Thom, a New Zealand sailor will be joining me for a few weeks of training which is super!Thanks for your support!

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wTuesday, April 24, 2007


Actually the winter was not there...we could go sailing during the whole cold season. You can imagine that it was not super warm and nice to fall into the water..but still it was fun and not crowded!
But now the summer starts: no more gloves, no more hoodie... just a normal 5/3mm wetsuit. Last week we had a nice little storm coming through, the sun was shining and 4,7 sail. GREAT!
My friend Michael, a professional photographer was keen to try his new underwaterhousing for his camera and he jumped into the 7 degrees "warm" baltic sea to get some shots... the session was not very long because the wind dropped quickly when he got out...but still it was good fun! Unfortunately I could not spend a lot of time sailing this winter.. I was in Cape Town for 3 weeks and the rest of the time I was back home in Kiel to work...

Photo: Michael Wohlgehagen :::

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wMonday, April 23, 2007

French Olympic Sailing Week in Hyeres

Day 1: The French Olympic Sailing Week in Hyeres, France kicked off today. Hyeres is usually known to be a breezy event especially when the Mistral blows, however it looks like it will be a very light wind event. I have been here since the end of the regatta in Palma, so almost 2 weeks. During the first week we had a 5 day Canadian Team training camp. Luckily we had wind for all five days, generally from 20 to 30 knots. I was feeling quite confident in the breeze and was hoping fora breezy event. The camp ended... and so did the wind. We have had very light conditions since and has been very taxing on the body with allthe pumping. With 71 girls here at this event we are doing a qualifying series which means we will be sailing in 2 fleets for the next 6 races, then Gold and Silver fleet will be determined. Today we had 2 races in very light conditions between 4-7 knots. In both races I had decent starts and was looking good for a while, but I did not feel that my speed wasgood due to making some technical errors, and slipped further back asthe races progressed. I finished 24th and 25th in my fleet, and sit in49th. Lots of races to make some points up though!

Day2: Today was much the same as yesterday... very light winds with big shifts. We were postponed onshore for a while before they sent us out, only to keep us waiting in on the water for another hour and a bit before racing us.I got a bad start as I was not aggressive enough in fighting for my position, but once I bailed out I actually ended up in a a decentlane. Unfortunately I then made some tactical errors, all on the first beat, which cost me the races. I finished 27th after a good battle, but after only one race today... and a bad one, there was no moving up on the leader board for me. The breeze, or lack there of... is fore casted for the same tomorrow. Another chance to redeem myself in these conditions hopefully!

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wTuesday, April 17, 2007

A Men's World?

(PWA press release). The Corona Extra PWA World Cup 07
The 2007 season goes from strength to strength with the confirmation of another first-class Wave event on the Hebridean island of Tiree, Scotland. Scheduled for 6th through 13th October - inclusive of registration days and closing ceremonies - this exciting, specialist wave location will challenge a 48-man fleet of the planets finest wave sailors.

The island has hosted an open contest for over 20 years, and now, courtesy of Corona Extra, Event Scotland and The Highland Year of Culture, its weathered shores and a prize purse of euro 30,000, will lure the sports elite in this landmark year for the highlands and islands of Scotland. Tiree enjoys a mild climate and claims the most sunshine hours in the entire British Isles, as well as the highest average wind speed. Exposed to powerful North Atlantic swell, and ferocious winter storms, its breathtaking white sand beaches will offer the mobile event a vast range of conditions to determine a worthy winner. Renowned for their warm welcome and Gaelic heritage, the tight-knit community of Tir An Eorna will house the riders for what promises to be a unique experience. You can find out more about the location at

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wMonday, April 16, 2007


The Butterfly Effect turned out to be loads of fun! There was a great turn out of women with all ages, levels, and types of water sports. We launched from Ho'okipa around 12:00 and headed down the coast. We were screaming, hooting, and whistling all the way. The wind was really strong and we all had our small rigs on. Some girls were a little nervous, but we encouraged each other so we all felt comfortable in the big blue. It was all about having fun and thats what we did!
If you want to see more you can check out my website.
Much aloha to all and hope you will be able to join us next year!
Butterfly Effect! YAY!!


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wSunday, April 15, 2007

Finally my new website is online, with more news, my latest Moves as Video Clips and Lifestyle same as Windsurf Galeries plus all PWA Results and News......
just enjoy watching!
Yoli de Brendt V 26

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wWednesday, April 11, 2007

3rd Annual Pro Kids Freestyle

(Bonaire press release): Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Pro Kids Freestyle Event slated for Aug. 1-5, 2007. The 2007 event is expected to eclipse the 2006 competition where over 100 kids from around the globe competed for the coveted title of Pro Kid. Kids from around the globe will soon be competing in qualifiers which will determine who will come to Bonaire for the finals in August. Curacao alone expects to have a team of over 30 riders. New qualifiers are being held in Greece and in Asia as well as the UK and Europe. The US is hosting the North American Qualifiers in The Gorge. All these wonderful events will culminate in the World Freestyle Finals in windy Bonaire. Bonaire is well regarded as offering some of the best freestyle conditions thanks to onshore steady trade winds and flat water.

For details and event information contact Event Website:

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wSunday, April 08, 2007

ButterFly Effect

If your on Maui on the 15th of April be sure to join us!
We are organizing an all women downwinder event from Ho'okipa to Kanaha. Its free, fun and full of adventure!
Contact me through my website to recieve an entry form and flyer.
See you there!

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wThursday, April 05, 2007

68 girls in Palma de Mallorca!

I have been here for one week now, and we just finished the 4th day of racing. Since Ive been here the weather has been pretty chilly, whenI first arrived it was 9 degrees and the rain was just bucketing down. Luckily the rain has stopped but its still a bit chilly. We have got a really big fleet here, 68 girls, so we have a qualifying series which will decide who will race in Gold and Silver fleet. This is only the 2nd time that we have had a fleet this big and have had to do qualifying!!!

It had been windy every day prior to the regatta, but on the first dayof racing we had no wind and were postponed onshore for a few hours before getting sent out into "china-like" conditions of no wind and big seas, only to send us back home after an hour of waiting around onthe water. Day 2 was much the same, a long wait. This time however we were able to get one race off before the wind totally died. Day 3 we actually had some wind and were able to get 3 races off. I was sailing fairly well and had some decent results in pretty tricky conditions. The wind was offshore and we had anywhere from 5 knots to puffs over 20 knots...

My highlight of that day was leading the 2nd race until about 10 meters to the windward mark when a HUGE gust catapulted me... then it happened again... and of course I lost my lead and was well back in the fleet by then. On the second upwind, I did something right, rounding the top mark in 2nd. I lost 4 boards down the last run to finish 6th. After 4 races the qualifying series was over. I was in 22nd overall. Day 4, today presented us with very tricky conditions. Marginal planing and shifty. My first race was not very good and I also broke my boom. The second race was much better until I found out I was OCS (over early and disqualified) after the finish. Now I stand in 30th overall.

The final day of Palma had us waiting for 7 hours before they call edit off due to lack of wind and rain squalls. So the regatta ends with only 6 races on our scorecard, out of an expected 10. I feel like I have been waiting for almost a week now... each day we had very long postponements on shore before we finally were sent out. I finished up 30th, as nothing has changed since the previous day. Tomorrow I head to Hyeres, France where we have a Canadian training camp for 5 days followed by more training, and then the French Olympic Sailing Week during the last week of April. Hope the weather is warmer at home than it is here! Till soon, Nikola Girke


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wTuesday, April 03, 2007

No Margarita in May

"The PWA World Cup in Margarita will be postponed until later in the year. Due to the dynamic political situation in Venezuela, it has not been possible to confirm the previously expected funding in time for the event to take place during the proposed dates in May. As a result the event will now take place later in the year at a time and date to be confirmed." (source: PWA)

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wMonday, April 02, 2007

Maui Wind Wahine Report
The wind has completely dropped off, but we still have fun here on Maui! I decided that Nayra and Annita should see the Bamboo Forest, a little of the road hike towards Hana. There are waterfalls and a bunch of different hikes through all the bamboo. Its really fun!

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wSunday, April 01, 2007

Sarah-Quita Offringa joins Neil Pryde

2006 PWA Rookie of the Year, 15 year old Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU-91) joins the Neil Pryde International team this month. Born on the 4th of July 1991 Sarah-Quita started windsurfing at age 9 and living on the island of Aruba, with offshore winds and flat water, it is no wonder that freestyle is her discipline of choice. Sarah-Quita took part in her first freestyle competition in Bonaire at age 10 and just 5 years later she finished the 2006 womens freestyle tour in 2nd place after an outstanding win in the prestigious Fuerteventura PWA event.

"Sarah-Quitas unique look and amazing talent on the water make her a great addition to Team Pryde" said NeilPryde Division Manager Jonathan Squires. "We are very pleased to have her join our freestyle team and look forward to seeing more great results from Sarah-Quita like her win in Fuerteventura."

NP caught up with Sarah-Quita to find out how she feels to part of TeamPryde and what her plans are for the coming season. (source:

How does it feel part of TeamPryde?
SQO: I have always seen NeilPryde as the biggest company in windsurfing, and I am happy to be part of it! It is a great next step for me.

What are your goals for this season?
SQO: I plan to attend all freestyle events on the PWA tour this year. I would like to achieve the same top spot like last year and from there see if I can do better, world champ maybe? Other than that I want get my freestyle level up higher. I would really like to go to Margarita in May, because it looks like a really good freestyle spot. It must be good as there are 2 freestyle champions coming from there.

What inspires you in the sport?
SQO: What inspires me in windsurfing is my drive to get better and seeing new moves that I want to try and do.

How do you fit your windsurfing in with your school commitments?
SQO: I just have to work hard in school. If I am away during school then I bring my school books and try to keep up, but It is really hard to concentrate. It is pretty much useless to bring my schoolbooks, so when I get home I have to catch up on a lot and I cant go out too much but thats just for 1 or 2 weeks, nothing compared to how long I was away and how much fun I had at the competitions.

What advice could you give to girls thinking about taking up windsurfing?
SQO: Its a great sport, so just go for it!

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