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wThursday, June 29, 2006

Britta Kuehn short trip to Denmark

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wWednesday, June 28, 2006

Race 3 - 5

Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/North Sails) scored two more first place bullets to consolidate her claim on the world title. Skippers meeting was set for 11.00 am. Race director Juan Antonio Aragon set a similar 5 leg course to day one with 3 inflatable jumps, but with different compulsory maneuvers. The start of race 3 was scheduled for 12.00 as the lunchtime trade wind filled in, but the wind backed off slightly, and racing was delayed for the typical afternoon breeze to kick in which it did around 13.00.

Race 3
Astrid Muldoon (F-002 JP /NeilPryde) started race 3 in first as Karin Jaggi pursued her to the first duck gybe. During the second reach Jaggi scraped past Muldoon to take the lead by the third mark, as the Moreno twins struggled in the temporarily lighter winds. Jaggis lead grew on the fourth reach and Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 /Simmer Sails) overtook Muldoon after a quicker forward loop, as Daida caught up. Karin won by a good distance with Junko in second and Daida Moreno in third.

The 4th race was penciled in to start at 15.00. Karin Jaggi started the womens raceway ahead of the rest of the fleet. However Daida Moreno classily took Jaggi at the first mark after motoring down the first reach to play catch-up. Superior speed saw her stretch that lead considerably over Jaggi to win ahead of the Swiss girl, as a good race for third place was fought between Astrid Muldoon and Junko Nagoshi.

Race 5: 1. Daida, 2. Iballa, 3. Karin, 4. Junko, 5. Astrid

29.6. Race 6:
This morning Race Director Juan Antonio Aragon held the Skippers meeting at 11.30 with a view to waiting for better wind after lunchtime. Competitors were placed on half-hourly standby until the wind increased slightly around 15.30. The crew went out to tweak the course, and many riders went out on the water to practice. Due to lighter winds 3 spocks were nominated as the compulsory moves with 3 inflatable jumps over 5 downwind legs.

Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails) flew straight into the lead off the start line in the ladies final and sped to the first jump where she crashed spectacularly allowing Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails) by, before she fell on the second jump where Daida Moreno took the lead with Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 /Simmer Sails) in second and Jaggi in third. On the third reach Jaggi gained speed and completed a superb forward loop taking Nagoshi. More drama followed when Daida Moreno, in sight of the finish line, wiped-out on jump three letting Jaggi win. Daida got second place and Astrid Muldoon (F-002, JP/NeilPryde Sails) followed up well to score third place. With a potential four more races and another discard possible, more drama is bound to unfold. Karin Jaggi and Daida Moreno will fight it out to the end... (text: PWA)

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wTuesday, June 27, 2006

Lanzarote Super-X - race 1 & 2

The stage was set as the PWAs third visit to Lanzarote to decide the 2006 Super-X world championship titles got underway today. A positive forecast for the weeks conditions, got the event centre buzzing, as the mens and womens fleets prepared their equipment for action.
Race One Race one was scheduled to get underway at 12:30. A 5-leg course was set with long reaches, and 3 inflatable sausage jumps. First up was ladies heat one, followed by the mens qualifying heats, and winners and losers finals. Course conditions were reasonable with most sailors on sails sizes around 7.0sqm.

photos: PWA/Alex Williams

Ladies heat one saw a great battle between Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails) and Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/North Sails) and Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails). It was tight all the way round between Karin and Daida, with Karin leading from the start. The heat finished dramatically with Karin falling at the 4th mark allowing Daida to sneak through in first followed by Iballa then Karin. In heat two, Iballa Moreno showed everyone else how to start, and then led to the first mark, before winning by a country mile. Karin Jaggi came in second.
The final heat was exciting. Karin Jaggi again led from the start and passed mark one in the lead. However Daida and Iballa caught up as the fleet bunched together during their forward loops. Daidas acceleration from there onwards allowed her take Karin by mark 3 and finish first, with Karin in second and Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 /Simmer Sails) third.

Race Two:
The ladies final started perfectly for Junko Nagoshi who sped into mark one in the lead as a pile-up on the first sausage jump slowed most of the fleet. Daida Moreno was in second and pressurized Junko successfully into crashing her forward loop. Daida won and Junko recovered well to finish second with Astrid Muldoon (F-002 JP /NeilPryde) in third. You can see the Ladies Results so far here

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wTuesday, June 20, 2006

Sailing Smarter

After 10 races at the RSX Europeans, I finished 31st. Not the numerical result I was hoping for, but I dont think it matters right now. My learning curve this event was huge and I made a lot of improvements in my sailing. It was incredible to have Dan coach me here. It was the first time ever that I had someone who was able to analyze my sailing in comparison to the others, while racing and he was able to help me improve my technique. Regattas are not really the time to learn new techniques, but I wasnt going to be much good with my old (self taught) technique so I concentrated hard on trying to sail better. Sailing smarter can only really happen when you can already sail as fast as the rest of the fleet.

We had very tough conditions throughout the whole regatta. The girls fleet only had one race where we could plane almost all the way around the course, so needless to say, there was a lot of pumping. The offshore winds with the windward mark about 100m from shore made for some pretty puffy and shifty conditions as well. Yesterday I had a good first race, I was in the middle of the pack until the very end when I lost 4 boards. I was really happy about my racing because it was about 6 knots and I have never been able to keep up in those conditions, yet I was fully in the middle of it and I sailed smart. All in all, I learnt so much and now it will just take some time and lots of training to be able to put it into practice to make my sailing consistently better, in each condition. Finally, after 2 months away, I am now heading home for a two weekbreak and really looking forward to it!

Till soon, Nikola Girke

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wThursday, June 15, 2006


After a week waiting for the wind to pick up here in Guincho, it finally came really good the last day. My expectations were very high for this event (probably too high), and I think a week without wind thinking about too many things worked against me. I thought it could be really good all those days to prepare my self mentally for the comp and getting my body resting after a small back injury (again!) two days before the event started last week. But it all went wrong... Too much thinking and meditation about what I should do and what I shouldnt during the heats, how I should keep my mind, etc... all came into a big mind mess...
The wind picked up just before my heat and I was way overpowered. I should be able to make it anyway, but I didnt. My jumps were not very good and my ridings really forced as the sail was too big. So in the end really bad result in this first wave event from 2006 and my moral completly broken. Well, I hope you dont mind I have been so negative, but I am sure you will understand. All the best wishes to all... and I am sure you will get some more "chirpy" news from me soon...!!!

Nayra Alonso, E-4

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wWednesday, June 14, 2006

Windsurfilles (France) in action!

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wTuesday, June 13, 2006

Tactics, Techniques and T-Boning

Hello again...
The European Championships started yesterday. The breeze was offshore,moderately windy at times. This made it very difficult as being in thepressure is EVERYTHING, and on these boards the fleet can separate soquickly depending on who is planing and who is not. We had 2 races yesterday. I did not have a good start in both of them, thus limitingmy options on the upwind legs. I did have good speed, but I was always pointing low while going through lulls. This is where I lost a lot of ground. I was frustrated with the angles I was sailing. After racing, Dan, my coach here made some huge observations of my sailing style incomparison to the others and why I would always lose in the changing winds.

My losses always came from the changes in pressure and my gear changing. I practiced the style of the top sailors on my way back tothe club and I was sailing noticeably higher. This is super importantin the flat water that we are sailing in, where as "my style" mightwork better in the super windy and wavy conditions. Dan also made merecognize why my downwind legs were not so good. Another technique thing... Results aside, my goal for today was to adapt this new style, to sail a higher mode. In the first race I had a plan of attack and went out to get it. I started where I wanted to, at the boat, tackedright away and was off. I went much better in this new style (althoughwe had a lot less wind today). I was able to keep my lanes, roundingthe top mark about 15th. I picked up some boards downwind and rounded the leeward mark in 8th…but then sailed into a huge hole and started doing circles.

This is when the wind started to shift 180 degrees and I lost everything. The race continued as we sailed upwind to the bottom gate, to finish off with an upwind slalom. It was pretty lame; I cannot believe that they did not abandon that race. I ended up finishing 30th. This was disappointing after such an improvement in my technique and even gaining a few boards downwind. The second race of the day, I was on starboard tack crossing the starting line at pace, when a sailor on port tack fully T-boned me (my right of way), sending me flying through the air and both of us into the water. Needless to say, I was last off the start line and played catch up all race. Although my results of the day did not look that good, my sailing technique improved to the point that I could match my pointing withthe top girls which I have never done before. Tomorrow I am hoping to translate my sailing improvement onto the results sheet.
till soon, Nikola

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wMonday, June 05, 2006

Odyssey to Turkey

Maraba... hello from Turkey! On our way from Holland to Turkey, we stopped in Munich to visit my relatives for 2 days, as that is where we were flying out from. As wewere there, there was a cold spell and it snowed, well, rain/snow. Crazy, what is with Europe?

Anyhow, we were to catch our plane at 11:20pm on the 31st, but when we went to check in, they informed us that our flight had already left... at 8pm. They said they had sent us an email with the scheduled change but neither of us received it, nor did the many others that were checking in that evening for the same flight. Luckily, we were put on another flight the next morning. Problem was that I had booked an airport pickup from Izmir to Alacati, where our competition is, which is about 80 kms away.
I tried to inform the people that were coming to get us know about our flight delay, but this was already at midnight and we were supposed to be landing in Izmir at 2:50am. No luck. This day was just going to get longer if we did not get an airport transfer. Lucky us, as we exited the airport, a guy came over to us, obviously the airport pickup guy... He did not know about our delay. He had been waiting there for us all night with no sleep till 4pm the next day when we got there.
Needless to say, I felt pretty bad. The normal "shuttle" was not available so we were picked upin a truck. Gear in the back and all 4 of us in the front... it was aslow hickory dickory ride. Here at last we are staying at the One Resort Ephesus. The hotel opened the day we got here. The regatta is being held out of this all-inclusive resort. It is hot and it is a windsurfing mecca. Absolutely awesome! First day of racing is on the 10th!

Nikola Girke

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wFriday, June 02, 2006

Red Bull Storm Chase: Register! Vote for the Girls!
One storm - 8 countries - 10 riders chasing it

Vote for Steffi Wahl! (photo: M.Wohlgehagen )

Dark clouds gather on the horizon. A mighty storm approaches the Northern European coasts with 10+bft. The ocean is boiling. In the middle of all that, ten fearless windsurfers facing the ultimate challenge on their local spots. This is in a nutshell what the Red Bull Storm Chase is all about: the most extreme windsurf show ever!

The first voting round is open for two weeks from middle of July. The 5 most wanted surfers advance to the final voting elimination and by the middle of august the ten riders will be announced, two weeks before the waiting period starts. During the waiting period the storm indicator will keep you posted on the alert status. Thanks to the large time window the kick-off can be given just when conditions are perfect.

When it is show time, each sailor will be accompanied by a camera team and by the end of the year you can experience one storm in eight countries, chased by ten riders on one breathtaking DVD. The Red Bull Storm Chase stands for the most radical conditions, for extreme wavesailing on the edge of what is possible and for a unique and dangerous adventure. May the chase begin.

Steffi Wahl entered the Red Bull Stormchase in her region in the North of Germany.... baltic sea and north sea! She would really like to take part in the event so please go to the Website and vote for her. Voting starts on the 17th of June 2006!

Whilst Steffi registered for Germany/ Baltic Sea, Anne Stevens and Stephanie Wuerz are waiting for your votes in the Netherlands.

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