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wWednesday, August 25, 2004

Pozo Worldcup Action

As usual, Pozo provided perfect conditions for all the events and even the racing in Playa del Ingles could take place due to uncommonly strong easterly winds one the first day of Formula racing.

If there was a Overall ranking, Karin Jaggi would be number one: Being second in freestyle, third in waves, and third in racing, she is the most complete sailor in the world.

In Freestyle the result is a well known one - Daida Ruano, Karin Jaggi, Iballa Ruano. Surprisingly high was the level of Nayra Alonso and Silvia Alba from Spain, Steffi Wahl from Germany, and Ania Ostrowska from Poland. Still struggling with the hardcore conditions of Pozo but clearly a fresh talent: Femke van der Valk fom Bonaire.

Pozo was the las Freestlye in 2004, with Bonaire postponed to May 2005, so the Freestyle Queen is Daida once again!

In Wave Iballa could show her incredible talent despite her 6 weeks absence from the water after hurting her foot badly in a double forward in 50 knots of wind on Lanzarote.
Her twin Daida, though, was a little bit safer in her routine. Karin Jaggi with her superstylish Shove-its got third. Unluckily the wave comp could not be finished due to lack of waves. The fifth place is therefore split between Annemarie Reichmann, Silvia Alba, Claudia Vogt and Steffi Wahl.

The Formula racing was won by a fresh face from Down Under: Allison Shreeve, 23, coming from Sydney, assists Steve Allen, also Australian, in leading the Race fleet. She has only competed in the Formula discipline a couple of times before and is definetley a rising star. Allison has only recently signed up with F2. Second is Lucy Horwood.
All time winner Dorota Staszewska on Starboard became fourth and was clearly disappointed, but the chance to get back onto the podium is not too far. Lake Balaton in Hungary will be the next stop for the Formula sailors in a few days time!

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wWednesday, August 18, 2004

Carine Camboulives rippin at Hookipa!

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wThursday, August 12, 2004

Pozo 2

Gran Canaria, Day 2, freestyle, double elimination:

In the Ladies fleet today we saw a solid challenge from some of the lower ranked girls, namely Steffi Wahl from Germany who was using her super speedy body drags and smooth style to win through some tough heats. It wasnt enough though and eventually she lost to Iballa Moreno in the 4th round of the double. Next up was Iballa versus Nayra Alonso who beat Firda Wiraeus from Sweden. Nayra Alonso sailed a strong heat against Iballa but it was Iballa who won through to the semi final against Karin Jaggi. Jaggi versus Iballa Moreno was always going to be a close fight. The winner would advance to challenge Daida Moreno for the overall lead here in Pozo. Jaggi did well and was given the ticket into the final. Daida Moreno versus Jaggi is becoming a well known final but what isnt always well known his who will win. Today it was Moreno who stole the show with smooth clew first Spocks and nice forward loops. So Daida holds on to her overall 1st place her in Pozo.

Results After Round 1 Double Eliminatio

2 JAGGI Karin
4 ALONSO Nayra
5 WAHL Steffi
7 REICHMAN Anne Marie

13 VOGT Claudia

13 BLANCH Anna
13 PAVELIN Sonia
13 TJERNBERG Marie Edlund

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Pozo 1

Daida winds first round at home (loop); Daida (1.), Karin (2.), Nayra (4.), Iballa (3.), Photos: PWA/Carter

The 16 strong ladies fleet was out on the water by mid afternoon. Iballa Moreno (Mistral/North Sails) was back in action after sustaining an ankle injury at the Lanzarote PWA event in July. She cruised through her early heats beating Sonia Pavelin (Naish/Naish Sails) and Ania Ostrowska from Poland but then came unstuck in the semi final when Karin Jaggi (F2/Arrows) stole the show with nice forwards and Flakas. Daida Moreno (Mistral/North) was looking every bit the world champion she is as she beat Frida Wiraeus from Sweden and Anne-Marie Reichman (Naish/Naish Sails) on her way to the semi final where she used her clew first Spocks to great effect to overcome a gutsy performance from fellow Gran Canarian Nayra Alonso (Fanatic). The final was Daida Moreno v Jaggi. Karin looked like she might take the win as she cruised through some nice spocks and forwards and just when we thought she had caught Daida off guard the Pozo local came back with all guns blazing and launched an aerial and spock attack that some of the men would have been happy with. So the ladies results saw Daida Moreno 1st, Karin Jaggi 2nd, Iballa Moreno 3rd and Nayra Alonso 4th.

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