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wMonday, March 28, 2005

Still In New Zealand, second report

Finally now I'm reporting again. Another month I'm gonna be here in the far North of New Zealand. And still I am really enjoying it. We haven't had wind for a while before easter, but easter friday brought the wind back.

The windless days we used to see some parts of this beautiful country or we chilled on the beach. Anyway, wind is still better. Where else than in NZ I learned how to sail, it's not like windsurfing but also a really enjoyable sport.

Soon I have my last days at Taipa area school here. It was interesting to see another kind of school for a while. My last two years of High School in Switzerland I'll start in August. Till then I hope to have a lot of wind on my lake there and another good time here in Taipa. I'll miss the sea, all the nice kiwis and just the easy life I'm enjoying at the moment.

My experience at the windsurfing school are really good and I hope I can come back to NZ soon. I wish u all wind and sun wherever u are. Cya Rahel

One of the days with over thirty knots.

All of us windsurfing students enjoyed yacht racing.

One of the flat water spots.

We surf students enjoy the view over the bay after
climbing the mountain.

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wSaturday, March 26, 2005

Waves in El Yaque!

Much wind the last weeks here in El Yaque. We even had to take a break from it one day, to let our hands and muscles rest. A few days ago we even had some waves here. No big ones of course, but up to 1.5 m. Just perfect for forward loop practicing. So after some advice from the guys and Yoli I went out with 3.7 sail and 68 L board and crashed a few tries. But then I came round and waterstarted up!!! I was smiling for the rest of the day and could not think of anything else. I was so excited to practice it more the following day, but the waves and the strong wind was gone then. But at least some more freestyle with 5.0 sail and 86 L board which is what I mostly use here. /Emma Johansson

picture by Christian Petersson

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wTuesday, March 22, 2005

Women's Windsurf Week in Bonaire
July 17-25th, 2005

Featuring Windsurfer of the year, Beth Powell Winkler and Instructor extraordinaire, Petra Kanz!!

Sponsored by Starboard, Bonaire Windsurf Place and Budget Bonaire

Join Petra Kanz and Beth Powell Winkler on an exciting windsurf trip to the sunny island of Bonaire. The group coordinator, Ann Phelan is a seasoned windsurfer and travel consultant. Ann is the promoter of King of the Caribbean. She is the only windsurf vacation travel agent based in Bonaire who also windsurfs! Ann, Petra, and Beth are offering a super fun filled week of instruction and fun this summer. Sail on premium gear at Bonaire Windsurf Place. Also come demo a Diva Carve Board during the clinic. Starboard specifically designed this board with women in mind.

Choose from cozy apartments or oceanfront condos at Kontiki or Belmar. Air land, clinic, car (Budget Bonaire) and gear packages available.

The week includes a 3 day clinic for all levels of sailing ability and then on water instruction and practice time. There are opportunities for yoga classes, sunset power walks, spa massage and treatments and much more. Bonaire Windsurf Place is offering free tickets to their famous Wed. night BBQ for the first 10 women to sign up go the Diva week. Come sharpen your windsurf skills, get pampered and surround yourself with the beauty and serenity of Bonaire. If you always wanted to windsurf this is your chance to learn in the best flat water, shallow on shore location. Intermediates will advance rapidly in the magic water of Bonaire.

Starboard is contributing 3 scholarships specifically for local teen and adult women who wish to attend the clinic. Email Ann for details.

Contact: (Ann Phelan) or click on for more information.

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wMonday, March 07, 2005

Daida Moreno Air Chachoo
photo: (Pozo)

Daida Moreno is - as far as we know - the first woman to do the Air Chachoo. Felicitaciones!

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