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wTuesday, October 25, 2005

First (Speed) Lady - Speedweek Weymouth

By Amy Carter

This year the Weymouth International Speed Week attracted a record number of entries from England, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Austria and the Channel Islands, who were all there for one reason, to go as fast as possible down a 500m course in Weymouth harbour, and break the current record of 36.18 knots set by Bjorn Dunkerbeck the previous year. The pre-event activities started on the morning of Friday 7th, with a windsurfing speed master class by speed gurus Bjorn Dunkerbeck, and Britain's own Dave White. Many of the competitors gathered round for top tips on boards, fins, sails, and stance, all of which I'm sure proved helpful during the week ahead.

After registration and a briefing on Saturday morning, the competition got into full swing. With a gusty 12-18 knots a course was set up, and for the afternoon windsurfers, kitesurfers, and boats sped along the course, trying to get as smoother run as possible. At the end of the day I had the fastest women's time of 24.46 knots, with Dan Ellis taking top spot in the mens with 28.47 knots, and fastest junior being Dan Simpson with 24.90 knots.
For the rest of the week the wind came and went, not really delivering what was expected, and for most people it was not until the final Friday that some faster speeds were clocked. In choppy conditions Zara Davis got an impressive run of 24.32 knots, but fortunately for me she could not go faster than my speed from earlier in the week, leaving me as fastest female. Frenchman Dave Garrel and "Windy" John Sanderson, had both been hot on the heels on Dan Ellis, but on the last day Dan proved he could not be beaten, as he extended his lead with a run 29.07 knots. Fastest kite of the week went to Ludo Brockway with 23.95 knots, and fastest boat was Charles Thompson in his Tri-foiler which recorded 27.93 knots.

The week ended with the prize giving where prizes were gratefully donated by Windtek, T1, Naish, Tushingham, Club Vass, 604 Distribution, Fibrespar, and Maui Sails, and then a rather nice meal at a posh restaurant in town! Despite the wind gods not really being on our side I'm sure everyone had a brilliant week, especially Mark Newman, 1st Amateur, who won a holiday to Club Vass for himself, and wife Clare, who incidentally placed 3rd in the ladies fleet! I would like to say thank you to everyone involved with the organisation of the event for making everything run as smoothly as possible, and to all my sponsors for supporting me so I could make it there.

Amy Carter - GBR85
Sponsored by Starboard, Tushingham, Sola Wetsuits, Dakine, Funk Sunglasses, Kangaroo Poo, and Offshore Sports.
Pics courtesy of nick povey at and clyde waite at

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wFriday, October 07, 2005

Same Procedure as every year :-)

The short British cabaret sketch from the 1920s, "Dinner for One" says it all: "Same procedure as every year." Means Daida, Iballa and Karin on top, with Daida taking the wave world championship after getting no official result at the Nivea World Cup in Sylt.

World champion Daida Ruano Moreno rotates, windgirls fleet poses (all photos: PWA/Carter)

Day 5:
Before the sun was properly up this morning, the first PWA riders were out on the water, preparing for the 2005 Sylt wave performance. Germanys Steffi Wahl (G-303, F2) was the first one out at 07:00, while the morning light was not even bright enough for the early risers on the beach to distinguish her sail brand. The high paced action continued up until 09:30 when the wind suddenly dropped, putting the contest on hold to be picked up again shortly after. After the second mens round was completed, the competition area was moved further up the beach as the waves seemed to be better there. First up to try the new contest arena were the womens wave sailors. Without any unexpected events, the top women secured their spot in the quarters which will feature Annemarie Reichman (H-98, Naish/ Naish) vs. Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2), Uli Hoelzl (AUT-123, F2/ Neil Pryde) vs. Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/ North Sails), Junko Nagoshi (J-11) vs. Nayra Alonso (E-4, Fanatic/ Severne) and Silvia Alba (E-67, Tabou/ Gaastra) against Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/ North Sails). The women were released for the day after that and it was back to the men for the battle of the final sixteen.

North Sea Rippers: Karin Jaggi, Nayra Alonso, Iballa Ruano Moreno

Day 7
At 09:15 it was decided to go for it in sketchy and small conditions with the womens quarterfinals featuring Annemarie Reichman (H-98, Naish/ Naish) vs. Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2) and Uli Hoelzl (AUT-123, F2/ Neil Pryde) vs. Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/ North Sails). While the judges were debating on the suitability of the conditions, the four girls from the 1st quarter completed their heat, but during the second quarter final - Junko Nagoshi (J-11) vs. Nayra Alonso (E-4, Fanatic/ Severne) and Silvia Alba (E-67, Tabou/ Gaastra) vs. Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/ North Sails) - it became evident that the wave situation simply did not meet the required standards. Therefore, the heat was cancelled and the first quarter was discarded as well. Half an hour later, another attempt to run the womens quarters was made, but that too was cancelled as the wind shut down and the waves were still no good.

Anne Marie Reichman, party girls (Iballa, Frida, Anne Marie, Nayra)

Day 9 - Daida goes away with sixth world wave title
Sylt crowds hail the 2005 PWA World Champions on the closing day of the Nivea World Cup Sylt 2005, as the season comes to an end. The Nivea World Cup Sylt had to make do with a windless closing weekend, meaning the results as they were after Fridays competition are the final results of the event. This unfortunately means the wave contest could not be completed, leaving the women without an official result and eight men in joined first place at the Nivea World Cup Sylt.
With no counting result on waves here in Sylt, Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/ North Sails) lands her sixth world wave title. “I have been coming here since 97 and it is almost always been windy here, so it is a shame we did not get to finish the wave performance this year", as Moreno comments on her title. "I will try to keep winning of course in the years to come, but the level of the other girls is rising really fast now, so it will become more difficult every year. For me, my goal is to keep improving myself and helping the other girls in the process."
This outcome also spells happy days for Kauli Seadi (BRA-253, Quatro/ Naish) as he goes home with the 2005 overall wave crown. In the Slalom 42 event it was a close battle, but in the end Bjorn Dunkerbeck (E-11, North Sails) has managed to stay ahead of Micah Buzianis (USA-34, F2/ North Sails) and Antoine Albeau (F-192, Neil Pryde). This means an unprecedented situation occurs, as Bjorn Dunkerbeck (E-11, North Sails) and Micah Buzianis (USA-34, F2/ North Sails) share their first place in the final overall world rankings.While this victory means an amazing 34th world title for Dunkerbeck, it is his first on in Slalom 42 as it is a brand new discipline.

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wTuesday, October 04, 2005

Andrea going BIG

We do not know what exactly gets Slovakian "windgirl" Andrea Franova going for it so fearlessly on such a huge day at Diamond Head beach. May it be inspiration by boyfriend and pro sailor Peter Garzke or just a classical adrenaline rush. We just want to say: Respect!
Find a short clip here !

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