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wMonday, June 30, 2008

Hot and Humid

Since the end of my Europe stint, I have been training at home in Vancouver. I was quite excited about coming home - to summer and to get stuck into a great training program. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for the first week or so and sailing was pretty miserable. I trained for a few days with my team mate Zac and then was joined by Steff Williams from New Zealand for my training block. We logged many hours on the water, battling each other in a range of conditions, but mostly in light air with lots of current as that is Vancouver's specialty. Coached by Jason Rhodes, both of us made huge gains - which kept our training battles alive and well. Mid-June, Dave Hayes, Canada's Youth Representative at the last World Youth Championships and runner up in the Canadian Olympic trials then joined me in Vancouver. Dave's forte is in the breeze and is physically more powerful than me; I wanted to learn some high wind techniques and for me to learn how to sail more powerful - like a guy.

Vancouvers wind forecast was not the best, so the three of us ended up driving down to the Gorge (Hood River, Oregon) for a few days for the Gorge Cup Race. The weather patterns were quite unusual there as well - we arrived to humid overcast skies and not much wind - a huge contrast to the typical hold on for your life windy Gorge.. The wind never did come for Race Day and the races were abandoned, but all was not lost. The wind did eventually came up at 7pm and like the night before, we had an incredible sunset sail - getting off the water at 9pm. It was an incredible way to spend both nights there, having fun while learning lots.

My Vancouver training stint is now over... I am on my way to Mexico for the next training camp. My first ten days will be in Cozumel, followed by a 3 day State Championship in Playa del Carmen and then the final week in Cancun. I chose Mexico as part of my training program as it has similar characteristics of China... hot, humid, light winds, current, did I and humid. It will be great acclimatization training for me, on top of the on the water training with Demita, the Mexican Olympic representative, her coach Adrien and my coach Jason.

Hasta luego de Mexico, Nikola Girke

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wSaturday, June 14, 2008

Catalunya Costa Brava PWA Slalom:

21 girls battle it out !

Although the Rosas event has taken place for many years, the women are competing at this 10th event for the very first time here. And they are here with many: 21!!! (among them 9 women from France alone, see photo below!). At camping La Ballena they are staying this week to compete against each other.

Womens Race One In the womens fleet, Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou, The Loft) produced a stellar performance to win both the semi final and the final. Joining her was the ever-consistent Karin Jaggi (F2, North Sails) who took second place, and Japans Ayako Suzuki (Starboard, Gaastra) in third.

Womens Race Two In the second of the womens eliminations, Karin Jaggi fought hard against her rivals, piecing together an outstanding race that only years of competition experience could have summoned. In her wake, Iballa Moreno (North Sails) took second place, in front of ex RSX racer, Lee Korzitz.

Womens Race Three Finishing up the days action was the third women’s elimination. Age old rivals, Jaggi and Ghibaudo (Tabou, The Loft) showed their mettle, both winning their respective heats, and paving the way for an exciting final showdown. However, the final was to take an unpredicted turn, when Jaggi and Ghibaudo both went over the start line early, opening the door for Iballa Moreno to steal her first victory of the contest, with Lee Korzitz coming in second, and Frances Alice Arutkin in third.

With the current standings after three eliminations, Karin Jaggi leads the pack, edging ahead of Iballa Moreno and Lee Korzitz. Antoine Albeau leads the mens fleet, followed by Finian Maynard and Micah Buzianis. Current standings here!
Before the event began not all the women were there yet, but we had a nice dinner with all the women at the PUB of camping La Ballena. The photo at our start page shows almost all of the following female competitors in Rosas: Maria, Alice, Lena Erdil, Haruna, Valerie, Sarah, Marta, Karin, Ophelie, Lee-el, Cagla, Aida, Magali, Astrid, Olivia, Marion, Magda, Iballa, Ayako, Dominique and Lise. (text: PWA/Mara van der Schaaf, photos: PWA)

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wTuesday, June 10, 2008


Iballa and Daida Ruano Moreno are organising another Training Camp for 2008. It will take place in august (26 - 30) in the twins home Gran Canaria. The camp is supposed to be limited to 40 girls, registration fee is 200 euros.

More info + pre-registration here!

Read a report from last years camp here!

(photo: Nicky Cotterill)

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