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wMonday, April 17, 2006

Samsung Mobile Indoor Windsurfing

Karin loops and leads the slalom pack, Iballa second, Silvia Alba third; all photos: PWA/Williams

The biggest indoor windsurf pool to date inspired the worlds greatest sailors to some hard-hitting action today at the Samsung Mobile Indoor Windsurfing 2006 in Ghent, Belgium. After two days of fast-moving indoor action the overall winners of the Samsung Mobile Indoor Windsurfing have collected their trophies in Ghent, Belgium. Before it came to that however, the riders had to give it their all in front of the large crowd of spectators.

In the womens freestyle finals the girls kicked up some spray with flawless moves such as Silvia Albas (E-67) spock and a picture perfect grubby by Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails). The final outcome was super close, but in the end the victory went to Jaggi, before Alba who got second and Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails) who had to settle for the bronze medal.

In the mens freestyle competition Ben Proffitt (K-800, Fanatic/Simmer Sails), Jose Estredo (V-1, Fanatic/North Sails), Douglas Diaz (V-34, Fanatic/North) and Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/Gaastra) tricked their way into the finals. Proffitt provided a note of originality today with two "regular" chachoo attempts, not making them but still earning respect from the spectators. Meanwhile it was Jose Estredo (V-1, Fanatic/North Sails) who was most radical of them all, with his trademark high-powered shakas coming in. Douglas Diaz (V-34, Fanatic/North) came in second before Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/Gaastra) in third.

Iballa - radical forward; Iballa, Karin, Silvia

In the slalom contest, the mens final was between Kauli Seadi (BRA-253, Quatro/Naish) and Josh Angulo (CV-1). Seadi and Angulo were too fast for Kevin Mevissen (H-79, JP/Neil Pryde) and Robert Teritehau (F-2000, North Sails) in the semi-final. Knowing it would be his final run in the slalom competition, the madman from New Caledonia exited the pool in style with a full speed jump out of the water and into the platform. In the final, the current world wave champion took an early lead over Angulo, which he never gave up. Things got a little tense for Seadi when he went down at the very last mark, but Angulo was too far behind to catch up with the Brazilian.
The womens final between Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails) and Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails) looked like smooth sailing for Moreno, who led the way from the first buoy onwards seemingly heading for victory. But disaster struck at the last turn, when Moreno crashed and could not recover in time to stay ahead of Jaggi. Jaggi gratefully took advantage and claimed the win.

Last but not least, the womens jumping final went to Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails), who dominated the event with some of the biggest forwards of the contest, as she did in the final. Second place was for Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails) who pulled off two impressive table tops. Silvia Alba (E-67) went home with third prize today.
The mens final would eventually be a standoff between Marcilio Browne (BRA-105, Naish/Naish), John Hibbard (K-007, Starboard), Yannick Anton (F-8) and Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/Gaastra). Anton opened the score with a near perfect 26.5 point push loop. Traversa tweaked his way to the top with a stylish twisted table top, followed by a massive forward. And while Browne could not get into the swing of things in the final, Anton stunned the crowds with a big double forward attempt, not fully making the landing but still good enough for 25 points and the win for the day.

In the overall rankings, the mens jumping title goes to Marcilio Browne (BRA-105, Naish/Naish), before Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/Gaastra) in second and Yannick Anton (F-8). The Samsung Mobile Indoor Windsurfing womens jumping title goes to Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails), with Karin finishing in second and Silvia Alba (E-67) taking third. Jose Estredo (V-1, Fanatic/North Sails) claims the overall mens freestyle victory. Second place goes to Douglas Diaz (V-34, Fanatic/North) and third to Kevin Mevissen (H-79, JP/Neil Pryde). In the womens division first prize goes to Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2/North Sails), second to Silvia Alba (E-67) and third place to Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/North Sails). Rounding up the overall rankings is the slalom in which Kauli Seadi (BRA-253, Quatro/Naish) wins the gold, Robert Teritehau (F-2000, North Sails) the silver and Kevin Mevissen (H-79, JP/Neil Pryde) another third prize.

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