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wTuesday, July 27, 2010

From now on will blog directly to !
See you there.

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wMonday, April 19, 2010

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wMonday, April 12, 2010

Greta Benvenuti in El Medano

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wTuesday, March 30, 2010

Nayra on Maui

Frank Berthuot of Mauiwatershoot took this awesome pic of Nayra Alonso, who just arrived on the island - and obviously hurt her thumb recently. Ride on, Nayra!

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wWednesday, March 24, 2010

Accident Evi Tsape. Questionnaire.

Greek top wavesailor Evi Tsape recently survived a very severe accident during a session in the Korinthian Gulf. The good news: "I had the worst injury there is, but got away with it with the minimum damage." Read Evis breathtaking report here.

The International Windsurfing Association (IWA) has started a women windsurfing Campaign to boost women in windsurfing some months ago in order to improve the position of women in windsurfing in media, at events or have a better market position. In order to further develop this campaign the IWA has taken the initiative to spread a questionnaire to all the female pro-windsurfers. This questionnaire includes questions about: How do you feel about the position of women in windsurfing ? How do you feel about trainingcamps ? And what you would like to see in such a camp?

Filling in this questionnaire will also help to make one of the projects of the women windsurfing campaign a success: The trainingcamp that will be organized prior to the Texel World cup in June. You can have a say in how this event is going to be organized! Fill in the questions and help womens windsurfing! Filling in the questionnaire takes about 10 minutes. The IWA will give away 25 Women Windsurfing Calendars among the participants.

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wWednesday, March 10, 2010

Butterfly Effect Fiji

The Butterfly Effect Fiji Expedition
~June 19th- 26th, 2010~

The B.E. Fiji Expedition will be a trip not to be missed!
The all inclusive package will take care of all your needs once you arrive. It is completely hassle-free and friendly, and will be way too much fun! The package will include the following and a whole lot more:
7 day accommodation
All meals
Transportation (on land and boat)
Training Sessions
Non-wind activities ( Snorkel, SUP, fishing, wake, waterski)
Boat trips
And so much more!
The package for all the above is only USD $1,190 for all Butterflies (A.K.A. water women!). Airfare sold separately.
(Packages for couples, kids, families and groups are available upon request)

Please contact us for any questions and to reserve your space!

Hope you are all out in the water enjoying every moment!

Much Love and Aloha,
The Butterfly Effect crew

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wWednesday, February 24, 2010

PWA Women Marketing

After a big disappointment (the PWA wave event "cold Hawaii" in Denmark will be men-only) PWA Womens Marketing and Event Manager Marion Raisi has unveiled a pdf-presentation in order to raise female participation again.

Marion writes that women ... "play a great role the PWA World Tour by giving a smoother touch to this world, mainly composed of men. They had to adapt and to find themselves a place, that they finally found by using their talents to seduce the public, the media and the sponsors." Whether we tend to agree or not is not the point. :-) But Marion is certainly right when she points out that "the implication of women riders in the windsurfing world is a great value added to any event today, and this is time to make it burst to everyones eyes."

The presentation offers short portraits of some of the top girls as well as fresh ideas for event organisers like fun races, clinics, SUP demos and more. If you are interested in the file, just leave us a note, eg here or on our Facebook page.

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wMonday, February 22, 2010

4 Girls join Fuerte Wave Classic

Top pro riders Daida Moreno, Iballa Moreno and Nayra Alonso, together with local rider Nicole Boronat, will join the FWC! The four teams which will now be formed by 4 guys/1girl. All riders, girls and guys, will be competing against each other in the same conditions making for an amazing contest.

"The participation of the women in this event has been a long time project of the organisation and now that is finally done we are sure that not only enrich the great spectrum of the professional windsurfers taking part, but also make evident the importance of the female rider in a minority sport, such as windsurfing. We hope that with this addition, the event will prove to be more well rounded and will not only serve as a media to promote the island of Fuerteventura, but also to continue the development of the female side of the sport."

Find interviews here (pdf)!

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wSaturday, February 13, 2010

Kanza Stott wins Australian Nationals

photos: Colin Leonhardt/

Kanza Stott, 16 year old Naish Windsurings Teamrider, (see also officially finished all of the windsurfing competitions that Australia has to offer. She placed 2nd in the Lancelin, 1st in the Greenhead Competition, sending her to Nationals in Margaret where she took home 1st place in the Womens Divison!

The forecast predicted a large swell for the day of the competition and the day before sets were peaking at 15 feet. Luckily it calmed down a bit for the event and the waves were a little over mast high. (source: Naish)

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wTuesday, February 02, 2010

Moreno Twins on Starboard/Severne for the first time!

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